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Bizarre Halloween costume has people absolutely stumped

Emily Brown

| Last updated 

Bizarre Halloween costume has people absolutely stumped

Rub your eyes and zoom in all you want, I bet it still won't help you when it comes to trying to figure out this Halloween costume that's left the internet more confused than the whole 'laurel' verses 'yanny' debacle.


We've had cats, inflatable dinosaurs, and, however controversially, Pam and Tommy, but chances are you've not seen an invisible man costume yet.

I'm not talking about an entirely invisible Halloween costume here - because who knows, we could have all comes across one of those without even knowing it. Instead, this costume shows an invisible man dressed in a jacket and trousers, looking dapper in red braces, a bowtie, glasses and trilby hat.


It's not the outfit that's confusing though - it's the fact it appears to be hung on someone who simply isn't there.

From the floating glasses and hat, to the fact the trousers appear to be filled at the waist, the clothes look just as they would on a human. But again, there's no human to speak of.

Images of the costume were shared on Twitter yesterday (29 October), as people across the globe showed off their detailed outfits for all to see.

The costume even includes a floating hat. Credit: @TeezySooSkep/Twitter
The costume even includes a floating hat. Credit: @TeezySooSkep/Twitter

Responding to the images, one Twitter user wrote: "I'M SO CONFUSED."

Another commented: "First thing I said after seeing this pic is 'how do y'all do this s**t????" LMAOOOO pls tell me how does it works."

Many people have desperately tried to get to the bottom of the scene, but one person said it best: "People are trying to break this down in the comments, but then I look at the pictures again and I'm back to square one... how???"

Now, I hope you didn't click into this article hoping that I'd be able to offer a straightforward explanation, because I'll tell you right now - I can't. However, I do have my suspicions about the costume, which I'm more than happy to share.

People have no idea how the illusion works. Credit: @TeezySooSkep/Twitter
People have no idea how the illusion works. Credit: @TeezySooSkep/Twitter

The costume is actually the incredible work of Lanarkshire mum Kim Gardiner, who put it together for her son, Cole.

However, unless Cole managed to get his hands on Harry Potter's own invisibility cloak, I believe he's actually just dressed in black, and is hidden behind the clothes we see in the costume. Notice how we only see him from the front?

There appears to be some sort of wire holding up the hat and glasses, and the bowtie could actually be positioned on top of Cole's head.


I admit, that does leave questions about how the trousers are being held open, and exactly how the calves appear to be filled with real legs, but I warned you that I don't have all the answers.

The only person who does is the woman behind the costumes. According to the Daily Record, it took Kim 'weeks' to make the costume, and at one point even she couldn't figure it out.

"It nearly broke me because I couldn't get my head around how to do it and for it to look the part, but we got there in the end and we are really delighted with the outcome," she explained.

Unfortunately, however, Kim hasn't spilled the beans on exactly how she did it, despite receiving messages from 'all over the UK'.

Featured Image Credit: @TeezySooSkep/Twitter

Topics: Halloween, Viral, Twitter

Emily Brown
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