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Henry the hoover gets ‘massacred’ with new look

Henry the hoover gets ‘massacred’ with new look

People are not happy with their favourite hoover's makeover

Everyone's favourite hoover has had quite the makeover.

Almost unrecognisable now, the once familiar Henry the hoover look has had a complete change, with the internet saying the loveable vacuum cleaner has been 'massacred' by the drastic transformation.

Henry hoovers have been a classic household appliance since the 1980s.

The googly eyes, the cheeky smile, the rolling wheels - we've all come to know and love the iconic image of Henry the hoover.

According to the official Henry hoover website, there are currently 15 different vacuum models available to purchase.

From the pale pink Hetty hoover, complete with eyelashes, to the Harry hoover which is 'built to last' - we're definitely used to the hoover's constant rebranding.

The company's slogan reads: "From pet hairs and dirty carpets to crumbs down the back of the sofa, there’s a Henry for every occasion."

Yet, the biggest aesthetic difference is usually down to the colour and name written on the machine itself.

Except for some minute structural differences, the Henry franchise has long-looked fairly uniform - until now.

People are saying Henry has been 'massacred' by the makeover.

A photo has been uploaded to Reddit showing people Henry's all-new look for the first time.

The picture has been posted to the 1.5 million members-strong Reddit thread, called CasualUK.

Ranked as the 'Top 1%' by size, it's clear that hundreds couldn't wait to share their outrage over the hoover's new makeover on the sub-Reddit.

It was captioned: "Looks like Henry's had a 21st century makeover".

"Look how they massacred by boy," commented one Reddit user.

Seeing some resemblances to the Henry we all know and love, a second added: "Still has that stoic smile though doesn’t he."

"Unrealistic body standards finally got the best of Henry," a third joked.

Others began using the comment section to share some tips and tricks for anyone who owns a Henry hoover.

"My issue with Henry [hoovers] is that i have literally no floor space for storage that isn't like, the middle of a room," wrote one person.

The new model is called the 'Henry Quick'.

Another teasingly replied: "The trick is to leave him out and treat him as a member of your family. At least that's what my mum does."

The new model in question is called the 'Henry Quick' with the slogan: "Say goodbye to messy emptying..."

Unlike the original Henry model, the Henry Quick is cordless and allows for 'dust-free emptying'.

Potentially solving the issue of 'storage' space, this new model is 'lightweight' and 'versatile'.

The Henry Quick is currently on sale for the retail price of £299.99.

Featured Image Credit: ATStockFoto / Alamy Stock Photo /helpful_explorer/reddit

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