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Hotel guest shocked after discovering they'd be charged £41 without even taking anything from mini fridge

Anish Vij

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Hotel guest shocked after discovering they'd be charged £41 without even taking anything from mini fridge

A hotel guest was shocked to learn that they would be charged $50 (£41) without even taking anything from the mini bar.

I'm sure we are all aware of how dangerously expensive hotel mini bars are.

From a young age our parents have educated us that the sweets and chocolates section is indeed not a pick-a-mix.

One hotel guest (u/theygottotalking) has shared their experience on Reddit alongside an image of the offending mini bar.



"It will cost an extra $50 to use the fridge in my hotel suite," they wrote.

The picture they included shows a notice informing guests that putting personal items in the fridge would 'incur a $50 charge'.

"The refreshment center is on a sensor," the notice read.


As expected, users were shocked in the comments with one person writing: "At least the poop knife is free to use, right? Right??"

Credit: Reddit/theygottotalking
Credit: Reddit/theygottotalking

"It would be refreshing to not be nickle & dimed all the damn time," another added.

While a third person wrote: "I wouldn't continue supporting hotels that pull this stuff personally."


"It's scummy and money grubbing," another thought.

Someone else said: "How is that not illegal?"

So, the way it works is that the newer minibars use infrared or other automated methods of recording purchases.

This method detects the removal of an item, and issues a charge to the guest's credit card right away, even if the item is not used.


Hotels say that this is done to prevent loss of product, theft and lost revenue.

Well, moving on from minibars, if we start to look at the safe in the hotel room, one guest has revealed why they are much easier to break into than you might expect.

Typically, guests will set a code and lock it to secure their valuables.

However, it turns our that resetting the code isn't that difficult, says TikToker Daniella Álvarez.

Credit: TikTok/alvarezdaniellaa
Credit: TikTok/alvarezdaniellaa

In a viral video, he said: "Guys, this is gonna blow your mind. It's super shocking.

"Let's say I forgot my code. So what am I supposed to do?

"I could call reception, but no, all I need to do is double tap the 'lock' button, then enter zero six times.

"This is a supercode and it overwrites everything.

"I bet you in 99 percent of all the hotel safes in the world, this is going to work."

Scary stuff, right?

Featured Image Credit: Surachet Shotivaranon / Lakeside Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

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Anish Vij

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