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People vow to never eat hotel breakfast eggs again after seeing how they’re actually made

Kit Roberts

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There's a good reason that the idiom 'seeing how the sausage gets made' is a thing, because a lot of the time how food is produced, particularly for mass consumption, can be less than appetising.

Whether it's the manufacturing process for crab sticks or how black pudding is made, food production is not for the faint-hearted.

It turns out that when it comes to mass catering, eggs are also less than appealing before they are laid out for everyone.

Those who don't wish to know should look away now. It's not pretty.

The eggs arrive in a blue plastic bag. Credit: TikTok/@trecylacayenne
The eggs arrive in a blue plastic bag. Credit: TikTok/@trecylacayenne

It turns out that when the scrambled eggs for hotel breakfasts arrive they are not, as some might think, still in their shells.

It must be noted that this may not be the case for all hotels but some budget hotels don't have a team of line cooks breaking and whisking eggs to be freshly scrambled each morning.

Instead, the eggs come 'pre-scrambled', or that's one way of putting it. They are in fact the powdered variety of eggs, and arrive in big blue plastic bags.


A video posted to TikTok - which has gained over 20 million views - demonstrates how one hotel prepares them.

It's not clear which hotel the video is filmed at but the process involves poking a few holes in the plastic bags, before heating up the contents in a microwave. The dry eggs are then given a water bath to get them hydrated.

The mixture is then once again heated up, before being emptied out all stuck and clumped together.

At this stage of the process it looks less like eggs and more like either a crumbly cheese or mash potatoes, and while both of those things are themselves tasty they're not something that I would want my eggs to resemble.

The eggs before they're smashed up. Credit: TikTok/@trecylacayenne
The eggs before they're smashed up. Credit: TikTok/@trecylacayenne

The heated mixture is then given a bit of a shake down and a mix up to de-clump it. Once this is complete it finally resembles the scrambled eggs that we all know and, at least until this moment, loved.

Finally, the finished scrambled eggs are tipped into a tray to be finished under a heat lamp for several hours during the breakfast service. Pass the brown sauce.

People took to the comments on TikTok to express their thoughts on the revelation.


One user wrote: "Glad I saw this before I went to the hotel I had to avoid them."

Another questioned: "What hotel is this so I never eat there?"

However, some claimed that not all hotels do this, and that they had stayed in a hotel which did indeed make its eggs fresh, with one person saying: "Well... at least that's not how we do it in the hotel im workin," with the original poster replying "Ouuu fancy!"

Another added: "I mean shoot it’s complimentary right."


While a third, who was unfazed, replied: "They look decent I thought it would be a lot worse than this."

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Topics: Food And Drink, Travel

Kit Roberts
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