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Urgent warning issued to blokes after it’s revealed how often you should change your boxers

Urgent warning issued to blokes after it’s revealed how often you should change your boxers

Skin specialists have revealed the expiration date on your underwear is longer than you think

Don't let your fella know, but apparently blokes don't have to change their boxers everyday.

That's right - skin experts say men can get more than a day out of their duds, which I'm sure is music to the ears of a lot of people who don't like a mounting pile of dirty washing.

But just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.

However, top dermatologists have said it doesn't do lads any harm to leave the same underwear on for over 24 hours, although its a very different story for the ladies.

Skin specialists claim that there is no increase in the risk of infections or health problems if you keep your kecks on for a couple of days.

India-based dermatologist Dr Anju Methil told the Daily Mail: "In situations with minimal activity and no sweating, changing every other day may be acceptable. Men’s looser-fitting styles like boxers may also allow for slightly longer wear."

A study in 2020 found that 22 percent of blokes didn't alternate their underwear every day, with one in 20 admitting to re-wearing their bills more than five times before washing them. Pretty grim numbers.

Dr Chun Tang, a GP and medical director at Pall Mall Medical in the North West, added: "While wearing underwear for multiple days isn’t ideal, breathable cotton boxers can be worn for two days if proper hygiene practices are maintained.

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"Unfortunately, women do not have the same luck due to bacteria accumulating. Wearing the same underwear for consecutive days poses health risks for women due to bacteria and sweat."

But before you rush and tell the lads group chat that experts say you can all wallow in the same pair of boxers for 48 hours, be wary of the consequences of camping out in unchanged underwear.

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Skin boffins warned blokes that they can end up with a fungal infection, dubbed 'jock itch', which often appears as a red scaly rash across the groin area but can also affect the upper thighs, bum, and lower parts of the abdomen.

Also known by its medical name tinea cruris, this uncomfortable condition is caused by fungi which thrives in warm, moist areas and largely affects people who sweat a lot or wear tight clothing.

If that wasn't bad enough, it can often come with an itching or burning sensation as well as cracking skin.

Sarah Roberts, a skincare specialist, said: "Men’s boxers, although touching the skin less frequently than women's underwear, do not escape these hazards – particularly when worn repeatedly."

And Dr Archit Aggarwal, from ClinicSpots, also chimed in on the issue while sharing an urgent warning about jock itch to men who like to leave the same pair of undercrackers on for longer than most.

They said: "If you experience any discomfort, itching, or unusual discharge, change your underwear immediately and consult a healthcare professional if necessary."

Changing your underwear at least once a day - or more if you sweat intensely - can keep it at bay, while opting for cotton or breathable fabrics that keep the skin drier also help.

Those who are athletes, particularly sweat-prone or have a weakened immune system are most at risk for the unpleasant sensation.

However, it is pretty treatable with over-the-counter creams and usually clears up within a few weeks.

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