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Husband left in tears after seeing heart-shaped cake he bought for his wife

Husband left in tears after seeing heart-shaped cake he bought for his wife

It's the thought that counts, right?

It's so frustrating when you order something online, only for it to turn up looking absolutely nothing like what you paid for.

But one man was left completely devastated when he ordered a birthday cake for his wife Andrea, only for it to arrive looking very different to how he imagined.

TikToker @andreandlewis took to his page in tears after he picked up the cake - and paid $145 (£113) for it.

"$145 down the drain," he wrote.

"The ONLY thing she asked for today was a cute cake & now there’s nothing I can do."

He added: "I feel like I just ruined my wife's birthday."

Lewis was so upset about the cake.

In the clip, Lewis showed an image of the kind of cake he was looking for.

Pink and heart-shaped, the cake featured two layers of piping, decorated with white beading, pearls and a 'happy birthday princess' message written in the middle.

But what Lewis collected was far from what he wanted.

Described by one TikToker as a 'sloppy wedding cake', it barely resembled a heart, with melted frosting, bronze icing, random butterflies and a strawberry candle plonked in the middle.

He shared a photo of what he wanted.

Most of the couple's followers were sympathetic, with one writing: "You tried and that’s okay! Maybe if you get some flowers and decorate around the cake it’ll... 'cheer it up' so to speak?"

While another said: "DON'T CRY IT'S CUTE!!!!"

And a third added: "Aww no don't cry, she'll know your intention, she'll be happy just to be with you."

Others were less sympathetic, with one adding: "It's just a piece of cake."

Many wanted to know why Lewis had even accepted and paid for the cake, but he later added that he had felt too awkward in the bakery.

In a follow-up clip, Lewis explained: “I just feel like I let my wife down, like literally she didn’t ask for any presents. She didn’t ask for anything. She just wanted a cute aesthetic cake to take pictures with, that’s all she wanted on her birthday.”

Speaking to Today, Lewis added that he bought the cake in Puerto Rico, explaining that it was supposed to replicate a carrot cake-flavoured tier from their wedding cake.

This is what he got.

“In Puerto Rico, a lot of business is done by word of mouth. You usually hire someone who knows someone who knows one of your family members,” he said.

“I had never tried their cakes before but we had no idea it would turn out like that!

“I wanted the experience of our wedding to be relived through the birthday cake… unfortunately that didn’t quite happen.

“I picked up the cake in the evening so I didn’t really get a proper look at it until I got home that night. I didn’t want to examine the cake too much in the bakery because it felt awkward.”

Luckily, Andrea found the whole thing hilarious.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@andreaandlewis

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