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Influencer filming livestream in park asks man to move off bench but he refuses

Rhiannon Ingle

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Influencer filming livestream in park asks man to move off bench but he refuses

One influencer had a pretty bizarre encounter after she attempted to film a livestream in a public park.

Upon setting up her tripod, the woman was shocked to notice a man choosing to take a seat on a park bench right behind her while the stream went on.

The odd encounter has since been hailed as the 'most British argument ever'. Check it out:



It's definitely not uncommon to see influencers in the wild filming content for their various social media platforms.

However, it is fairly odd for a member of the public to know they are being recorded for a livestream that will be watched by heaps of followers and refuse to exit the shot.

And this was exactly the case for one man who clearly had no worries of the sort and instead remained glued to a park bench.

This whole ordeal seemed like a set-up straight out of a sitcom.


The encounter begins with the fitness influencer explaining to her followers a little bit about her morning run when a man enters the shot and plonks himself down right behind her as the livestream continues.

Clearly startled by the unlikely guest appearance, the woman immediately says to the man: "Excuse me. I'm just filming, are you alright to go to another park bench?"

Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter
Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter

The man's short and sweet response was simply: "And?"


She began to request he move yet again while he fired back telling her to move the camera instead.

After a good few minutes of awkward back and forth, the man had some - quite frankly - hilarious one liners that almost feel scripted they're so funny.

"You're going to be online now for everyone to see you," the influencer explained.

Totally unbothered by the fact, the man responded: "I don't care at all."


"Look, if you don't like the answer, don't ask the question," he went on.

The two carried on some more - neither clearly backing down from the argument.

"My followers, I know, will not want to see you," she explains.

The man then hits back with: "Your followers? Oh so are you Jesus now?"

Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter
Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter

The odd encounter - which has amassed over 21,400,000 views on Twitter - has since erupted into a huge debate online after totally dividing the internet over who was in the wrong in the situation.

Many were in support of the park bench dweller and noted that the influencer wasn't 'asking' but 'expecting' he move.

One Twitter user wrote: "Asking may result in a yes or no. He politely said no and she wouldn’t accept that. Cheers to the man for teaching her a lesson."

"If anything," a second revealed, "I want to see more videos of him interrupting people’s videos."

Others, however, sided with the influencer instead.

"He didn't have to be so rude about it, she was being polite," one noted.

The encounter totally divided opinions online. Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter
The encounter totally divided opinions online. Credit: NoContextBrits/Twitter

A second added: "Man, I do kinda feel bad for that kid having to endure a mental joust with some dude."

Some even thought both parties were guilty.

"Both are in the wrong; dude is being a d*** for no reason, lady is forgetting she’s recording videos in a public space, both could be nicer and compromising, bad vibes for everyone involved," stated one very diplomatic Twitter user.

Another went as far as to call the odd encounter the 'most British argument ever'.

And the debate didn't stop there with some believing that the bizarre set-up was completely staged.

One person said the video was 'most likely' staged.

Another also had their suspicions over the authenticity of the interaction, asking: "Who brings a tripod on a morning run?"

Featured Image Credit: nocontextbrits/Twitter

Topics: Twitter, UK News, Viral

Rhiannon Ingle
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