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This Brave Little LAD Got His Own World Cup After Radiotherapy

This Brave Little LAD Got His Own World Cup After Radiotherapy

Ben has just finished six weeks of radiotherapy for a brain tumour and now he's got his very own world cup

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson

Brace yourselves here - this is a story that will melt your frozen heart.

All little Ben wanted when he completed a six-week course of radiotherapy was the chance to lift the World Cup.

And yesterday, after finishing his treatment for a brain tumour, staff at a Birmingham hospital made the brave young LAD's dreams come true.

A video posted on Twitter by Liam Herbert, a specialist paediatric radiographer at the hospital, shows Ben being presented with his very own World Cup, as well as a certificate for his bravery.

It's even prompted England captain Harry Kane to reach out and offer his well-wishes to Ben and his family.

The brain tumour that Ben is being treated for had left him unable walk and talk before his radiotherapy treatment began.

The clip shows him walking through the ward with his family, dressed top-to-toe in an England kit.

He's met by a crowd of staff, dressed in football kits and St George's flags.

The tweet read: "Ben has just completed his #radiotherapy for a #braintumour, he was unable to walk and talk before his treatment but a week ago he asked for the World Cup, so we delivered. @England and @HKane can you do the same? #cancer#threelions#ChildhoodCancer#nhs70#Itscomminghome"

The hospital staff are all gathered round to watch the touching moment, when one passes a teddy to Ben's sister - aww, what a bloody lovely touch.

The same woman then says: "This is your certificate for how amazingly brave you were," passing a certificate to the little boy and revealing a gift-wrapped box behind it.

"And then you might need some help with the present because it's very heavy."

Ben pulls back the wrapping then turns and grins happily at his mum and dad as he holds the World Cup replica. Lost for words, but clearly very chuffed.

His uncle has shared the video too, saying: "My amazing nephew Ben lifting the @FIFAWorldCup after completing his first course of radiotherapy. Thanks to the amazing team at Birmingham @Bham_Childrens for everything, and @England for giving us all hope!"

Whoever's cutting onions in here, could you please stop it?

Featured Image Credit: Liam Herbert

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