Baby Given 25 Years Free Travel After He Was Born On French Train

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Baby Given 25 Years Free Travel After He Was Born On French Train

A woman was shaving her legs on the subway in New York last week and a pensioner slapped a woman for not giving up her seat in China. But, just when you thought you'd seen all you could on a train - we bring you France.

Commuters in Paris faced unexpected delays on Monday morning, which they're apparently used to. However, this time it was due to a completely unpredictable event: childbirth.

Yes, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on board a Réseau Express Régional train. And he's now entitled to 25 years free travel - pretty jammy. What do we get for just having been born then?



According to the Local, the drama occurred at around 11am on the RER A line, which runs from east to west through the capital and is considered the busiest line in Europe. That baby really picked his time wisely.

Passengers were made aware of the reason for the delay with screens at stations explaining the reason for the delay as 'the unexpected birth of a baby'.

The brief explanation is translated to: "Disrupted traffic on the entire line following the unexpected birth of a baby in Auber station". As calm as that.


The network initially announced on Twitter that the delays were due to 'traveller discomfort' - well, that's one way of putting it.

Then they said: "Following the unannounced birth of a baby on a train in Auber station, traffic is interrupted between the CDG/Etoile and Nation stations."

Bet all the commuters felt bad after complaining about being late for work when they saw that.


RER then tweeted: "The mother and the baby were taken care of by the paramedics. They were evacuated from the train and are currently heading for the nearest clinic. Traffic gradually resumes.

"The whole team of the line has addressed her sincere congratulations to the mother and welcomes her little boy. The mother and her son are doing well."

Then came the bombshell: "Line A is pleased to announce that the :baby: newly born will benefit from free transport throughout the network until its 25th birthday."


The President of the Ile-de-France region, Valerie Pécresse tweeted: "All sorts of events occur on the RER, some of them happier than others! A long and happy life to the baby."

Not sure if anyone knows but I was born in the back of an Uber... Can I have 25 years of free travel, please?

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