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Girls Face Ban On Skirts As Schools Opt For Gender Neutral Uniforms

Girls Face Ban On Skirts As Schools Opt For Gender Neutral Uniforms

We could be saying goodbye to traditional school-wear, as schools prohibit pupils from wearing skirts in favour of a trousers-only policy

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

In recent weeks, while the weather has been scorching some schools have been ditching uniforms, while others have banned shorts but told parents that their sons can wear skirts.

Generally, there's been a lot of fuss about playground attire and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon.

Because now, dozens of schools that are choosing to opt for gender neutral uniforms to cater for transgender pupils.

Traditional school wear could be on its way out as pupils are being prohibited from wearing skirts in favour of a trousers-only policy.

The Times reported that at least 40 secondary schools had already banned skirts, with others being advised on the change.

Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, banned skirts last year after pupils questioned why their uniform was different for boys and girls, and to take into account the needs of transgender students.

Crawshaw Academy, near Leeds, is 'consulting on implementing a gender-neutral uniform (trousers only)'.

The investigation also reported how skirts were placed on a list of unacceptable items alongside 'skinny jeans and facial piercings' at Copleston High School in Ipswich.


But, the switch to trousers at Woodhey High School in Bury, Greater Manchester, appeared to be for different reasons.

They said skirts were considered 'undignified and embarrassing' for staff and visitors if girls sat on the floor for assembly and in drama classes.

In Bradford, multiple schools with a high proportion of Muslim pupils prohibit skirts on modesty grounds.

In Ipswich the majority of girls attend 'trouser-only' schools, after eight secondary schools banned them.

According to The Sun, this moves come as the Government sets out to clarify the rights of transgender people in changes to the Gender Recognition Act.


Pupils at Philips High School, in Bury, which is set to introduce a compulsory trouser uniform for both boys and girls next year, have started a petition arguing that a ban on skirts is 'sexualising' pupils' bodies.

Female pupils say they feel more confident in skirts and that forcing them into trousers could 'damage our mental health'.

The petition reads: "If any teacher believes seeing a child's leg is in any way 'too sexual' they should be sacked immediately for gross misconduct."

Prominent feminist, Naomi Wolf, also supports the argument, saying: "I think that trousers-only for everyone is a silly way to go - unless you are going to also offer the option of skirts-only for everyone.

"I believe that if everyone is offered the option of both skirts and trousers, everyone can find his, her or their comfortable fit."

What do you think about school children having a trouser-only policy?

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