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School Tells Parents Their Sons Can't Wear Shorts, But Can Wear A Skirt If They're Too Warm

School Tells Parents Their Sons Can't Wear Shorts, But Can Wear A Skirt If They're Too Warm

The uniform policy doesn't include shorts, but skirts are fine

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A school has banned its male pupils from wearing shorts, but has reportedly told parents that their sons can wear skirts.

Some students at Chiltern Edge School in Oxfordshire were hoping to be allowed to wear shorts as the weather warms up. However, according to the Daily Mail, they were told this wouldn't be possible - but that under the school's 'gender-neutral' uniform policy, they could pop on a skirt. At least they'll be cool, eh?

Parent Alastair Vince-Porteous got in touch with the school to see if his son could wear tailored shorts, but he was told that they were not part of the accepted school uniform. He asked if his son could wear a skirt, and was told that yup, that would be fine.


Head Moira Green sticks by the shorts-ban, saying: "Chiltern Edge, with the support of parents, made the decision to move to a more formal uniform. Shorts are not part of it."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Vince-Porteous said: "I was told shorts are not part of the uniform. It's a shame we can't be more grown up about it, we aren't asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it's not a big deal.

"I know that in the past other schools have worn skirts so I asked if my son was able to do that - and the school said yes."

He's not wrong, either. Last year a group of boys from ISCA College in Exeter protested at their school's no-shorts policy by skirting up.

Parents of the pupils had heavily criticised the school's strict uniform policy, which that the boys were left sweltering in long trousers while girls could have bare legs.

One teen said: "I liked wearing it yesterday. It was a nice breeze." You all looked fab as well, fellas.

One parent added: "My son wanted to wear shorts but was told he would be put in the isolation room for the rest of the week.


"The head teacher told them 'Well you can wear a skirt if you like' but I think she was being sarcastic.

"However, children tend to take you literally and so five boys turned up in skirts - and because she told them it was OK, there was nothing she could do as long as they are school skirts.

"One of the five boys did get in trouble - because it was too short.

"Children also don't like injustice.

"The boys see the women teachers in sandals and nice cool skirts and tops while they are wearing long trousers and shoes and the older boys have to wear blazers.

"They just think it's unfair that they can't wear shorts in this heat.

"They are doing this to cool down - but also to protest because they don't feel they have been listened to."

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