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How This Couple Travelled The World For Free Eating Leftovers And Rubbish

How This Couple Travelled The World For Free Eating Leftovers And Rubbish

Two backpackers are travelling around the world with no money, food, or place to stay. It sounds like a silly idea, but Anna Karg and her partner Enoch Orious, who are both 25, have managed to get as far as New Zealand by trading stuff, eating from bins and soup kitchens.

They say that they want to get around by relying on the kindness of strangers. Good luck with that then.


The couple met on a commune some months back and are trying to live completely free from money by refusing cash donations and accepting only food. They are working for their accommodation and are attempting to find a boat that will take them on to their next destination, Australia.

They're pretty committed to it too - one post that they put up on social media (because apparently even living without money still means you get to have a smartphone and an internet connection) said that they found $50 in a supermarket and gave it to a bloke that they met who seemed like he needed it - Pete, who they met in a soup kitchen.

Day 13: We believe in the night. Arriving at the #soupkitchen in #wellington after the #darknight, we ran into this funny and intelligent guy named Pete. Anna had met him at #waitangipark the other day while having a moment at the waterfront. He was making sure everything was alright and they had a short but deep conversation about society. We all ended up sitting at the same table while having #coffee and a delicious #vegetarian soup with bread. We were so thankful for that warming start to the day and are deeply inspired by Eru (who is a #socialworker) and all his #volunteers working there. Keep up the great work - it's people like you that make the world a better place! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Pete walked us to the #library and enjoyed the beautiful morning sun with us. At the moment, he is living in his car and even though #thesystem hasn't treated him very good, he is one of the happiest and funniest people we have got to know. He just stopped drinking alcohol and is full of energy and life. He understood some time ago that there is nothing more important than to #enjoyeveryday no matter how much you own. It's not having what you want - it's wanting what you've got! The day before, Enoch found 50 dollars while checking out a supermarket for #foodscraps. We were pretty amused about the irony of this situation and decided straight away to not keep it but give it to someone who truly needs it. So when we met Pete again, who treated us like friends straight away and who tried to help us like family, we gave him this valuable paper. He couldn't believe his luck but eventually accepted our gift humbly. No reason to feel bad, brother, #whatgoesaround comes around - you deserve it! We don't intend to blow our own trumpets as Samaritans, we just want to show that giving a little means a lot to anybody. So #sharethelove because #sharingiscaring :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: #freefrommoney #travelwithoutmoney #livingwithoutmoney #spreadthelove #love #peace #equality #backpacking #truewealth #forgetaboutthepricetag #inspiration #ghettogospel #spirituality #faith
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Day 12: The Dark Night. Even though we had an #amazingday with lovely people and even got to be at a #freeconcert, we were getting tired and we were getting cold. And there was no accommodation in sight... We were given some free food at #waitangipark and managed to get some muffins from an interesting little café called #enigma to get over the first dawn of hunger. Desperately, we were asking people at the concert, texting strangers on #couchsurfing and #facebook and went from hostel to hostel to see if we could do some #workforaccommodation there. But nothing seemed to work out. Obviously, it is forbidden these days to simply work for a room - hostels have to pay their employees actual money instead of doing a simple #trade... A lovely young woman at #thezebra tried to help us in any way she could but eventually we still didn't have a place to sleep. And since we arrived in the city quite late and spontaneous, it was simply impossible to find a couch or a floor at someone's apartment as well. We can't lie: We felt pretty devastated! Especially Anna started to lose all her #faith and was very close to give up the experiment of traveling #freefrommoney. We ended up just sitting at the main street in front of a closed restaurant with a sign saying "couch to sleep on?" While we were sitting there, close to tears, a young man called #simba and his friends came along and gave us a #lifesaving tip: there was an #internetcafe where the owner didn't mind people staying for some time. He showed us the way and had a chat with Anna in excellent German (we forgot to ask where he learned to speak it that well.. ). When we entered the cafe and told the owner our story, he gave us a strange look but allowed us to sleep on the floor in a hidden corner. We were exhausted and it didn't take us long to fall asleep while warming up in our sleeping bags and scarfs. Even though it was a very unusual situation to be in, we were so grateful that we found a warm and safe place for the night! We managed to get a good 6 hour sleep before we packed our bags and made our way to the #soupkitchen which somebody informed us of the day before. #travelwithoutmoney
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They said: "Enoch found $50 while checking out a supermarket for #foodscraps. We were pretty amused about the irony of this situation and decided straight away to not keep it but give it to someone who truly needs it."

They ride their luck a bit, and have had to sleep rough for a while before someone took them in and let them sleep in an internet café.

They posted a pic of themselves bedding down for the night outside - looking remarkably happier than, say, people who actually have to bed down for the night outside every night.

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Enoch told "It's about living our truth, and showing people how much love there is out there in the world. We just don't want to be part of the rat race any more. We know we can live without money - we just wanted to see if we can travel without money."

They have got back up money should they need it, but Anna says they haven't had to yet.

Their journey is not to everyone's liking either. Wellington City Councillor Brian Dawson is not impressed at their use of the city's soup kitchens.

He said: "It does annoy me that people think it's a way to get around the country on the cheap. There's a huge difference between doing this for a cheap holiday, knowing that afterwards you can return to another lifestyle."

Anna and Enoch don't agree with Brian, surprisingly enough: "We're in the same boat as [homeless or impoverished people] really," they said.

"A lot of them have incomes, but it's a service that's been provided. We're not taking it from people who need more. We're all there for the same thing"

Whatever you say guys, whatever you say.

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