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Man Who Sold Company For Share Of $54 Million Reveals How He Hasn't Spent Any Of It

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Man Who Sold Company For Share Of $54 Million Reveals How He Hasn't Spent Any Of It

Back in 2014 Garrett Gee and two of his friends sold their company, Scan, to Snapchat for $54 million (£44,316,800).

You know those little black dots that other people can, well... scan, to find you on the app? These guys invented that. Nobody is sure exactly how much of it he received, but it was a hefty amount.

After selling the company, 28-year-old Garrett worked for Snapchat for a while, before deciding it wasn't for him.

Speaking to Business Insider, he said: "After three quick months, I decided to take my life back into my own hands and leave my job.


"Perhaps the corporate life is a better fit for other personality types, but not for me. My mind and soul function best when I'm free and living true to myself, my passions, and my values."

In June 2015 he unshackled himself from corporate life and upped sticks to travel the world with his wife, Jessica, and their two kids - now aged two and four.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Rather than using his million to fund the trip, the family sold everything they had, which amounted to around $45,000 (£37,000). They decided to make that money last for six months on their travel, however, they were so good with their money that they realised five months in that they'd only spent $5k.


Gee explained: "Fortunately, about this same time, our social media began gaining enough traction that hotels, airlines, and other brands began working with us,

"At first they were just offering us accommodations or flights in exchange for marketing exposure through our social media.

"But then, as our community continued to grow, they began paying us as well. Right before we had spent through our initial $45,000, we turned the corner and became profitable."

Even now, over a year later, they still haven't dipped into their Snapchat millions.


What would you do with that kind of cash? It's riches that most of us can only ever dream of.

Here what he could get with the total money Scan was bought for...

147,722,610 Freddos

Last year, we found out that the price of a Freddo is going up to 30p in spring of this year. Bummer, right? The cost of a Freddo has increased by almost double the rate of inflation since 2000, and has also decreased in weight. It went from 20g to 15g in 2013, and then 15g to 12g just two years ago.


We'll find that, in four years, we'll be shelling out 29p for Freddos, before the prices rises to 33p by 2025, and eventually 38p by 2030. Damn.

A private island in the South Pacific

For a cool $50million, Gee could've bought this beautiful island (called Motu Tane) which is located in the South Pacific.

The website describes it as: "An exceptional private island at just under 47 800 square yards with coconut groves, encircled by a white sand beach with just beyond Polynesia's sparkling turquoise blue waters.


"This incredible vision is topped off with Bora Bora's mountains, majestically etched against the backdrop bringing to life nature's exotic canvas."


31 Bugatti Veyrons

Once known as 'the most expensive car in the world', the Bugatti Veyron original version has a top speed of 407 km/h (253 mph). He could literally have bought 31 of them.

What would you have bought?

Featured Image Credit: Garrett Gee/Facebook

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