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Men Who Pay For OnlyFans Reveal Why They Do It

Men Who Pay For OnlyFans Reveal Why They Do It

Reasons range from supporting their pals to wanting their money to go to the right people

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Men have revealed their reasons for subscribing to content creators on OnlyFans, after the issue was raised by the good people of Reddit..

On the subreddit AskReddit, a user asked: "Guys that pay for OnlyFans, why?"

OK, you know the obvious reason as to why people pay for content on there. But some of the explanations might surprise you - sometimes, it's as straightforward as people wanting to know that their money is going to the content creators themselves. That's not all, of course.


Responding to the original question, one person gave this honest answer: "I want to support my wife and help her algorithm."

Who said romance is dead, eh?

Another said: "I knew the girl, I had a crush on her in High School," which makes sense.

However, a third person went into a bit more detail, adding: "I subbed for one month for two separate girls I've personally known, and it was to satisfy the curiosity that has been there since high school of what lies under that cute girl's clothes.

"If I thought they were hot in high school, and I know they're still hot based on recent irl interaction and/or social media, I'll still wanna see them naked and I'm perfectly willing to make a one time payment of $5-10 to scratch that longtime itch."

Right. Well, that's... honest, I guess.

Another person clearly didn't want to support the more exploitative end of the porn industry, however, as they wrote: "Free range, farm to table organic fair trade porn."

In agreement, a different user commented: "I want my money to go to hot women, not sleazy porn producers."

OnlyFans' creator Alexis Griswold.

But it seems not everyone is a fan.

One rather unsatisfied customer wrote: "Not going to lie, a photo of her in a sundress made me obsessed so I payed for a month. Didn't end up liking OF as I expected a lot more sexual content to which I only received lewd photos not appropriate for Instagram."

While another unhappy guy said: "There's a few leechers on there though man. I paid 50 to some Aussie chick for a 5 min custom video. It was 36 seconds long and she just messaged like, sorry it's short you were my first custom video, I got nervous!

"Then there's the ones you subscribe to for 25 per month and all of their posts are censored nudes with the full nudes being unlockable for an additional 20 a post lol."

And so the reasons continued to pour out, opening up a surprisingly revealing spectrum of people's expectations (you can judge them for yourself) and lasting crushes.

The latter was borne out by one person admitting: "I wanted to see my ex's t**s again," while another person who was checking out a former flame said: "Honestly it's sad but I made an account and bought a subscription for a month after my roommate showed me that my ex made one."

They continued: "Found out she had been doing it for the last six months, five of which we were dating during and I suppose she just never told me about it."

Well, there you go.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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