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Internet Divided Over How Bar Staff Pour Beer In Belgian Bar

Internet Divided Over How Bar Staff Pour Beer In Belgian Bar

Obviously, not everyone is so keen on how this Belgian bartender pours a drink

The internet has been divided over seeing how a beer is poured in a bar in Belgium, as some people think the bartender poured it with way too much head. You can see what you'd think if you were served this in the video below.

So, the video was shared on TikTok by user @kylehughes.tok who was giving his followers an insight into where they should go for a beer in Brussels.

Brussels – and Belgium, to be fair – is famous for beer, so you’d have to assume that they know how to go about preparing one for drinking, but not everyone is so happy.

The beer itself appears to be a Tripel Karmeliet, which is a Belgian – also quite strong – beer that won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards in 2008.

The server from the Poechenellekelder bar starts off in the classic fashion by pouring the beer out into the glass at a roughly 45-degree angle, before tipping up the glass and leaving the beer with a huge amount of foam on the top.

This seems to be the thing that most people have taken issue with.

How else is he supposed to pour it?

You see, in the UK people are trained to believe that more head on a pint means less beer, and people seem to like getting their money’s worth.

However, there are some pretty significant reasons why having a good amount of foam on the beer isn't a bad thing.

Firstly, if it’s a nice beer, it keeps in much of the taste and aroma of the beer, but also means it is less bloating when you drink it.

Secondly, the idea that you are getting less beer because there’s a foam on top simply doesn’t tally up with science.

Anyway – because this is the internet – people have really strong feelings about Kyle’s beer.

One said: “Should of [sic] asked for a flake and chocolate sauce with that ice cream he gave you.”

Another wrote: “Cool, I'll drink it a week Thursday when the froth has settled.”

A third commented: “Just missing a flake [and] raspberry sauce”.

Stick to the Fosters Top, eh lads?

There's the foam that was left after the pour.

That said, many of the comments were – quite rightly – pointing out that this is just how beer is served properly, particularly Belgian and European beers.

One defender said: “The amount of people raging about the size of the head, Belgium and German beers are always served like that.”

A second commented: “Ugh. All the people that have never had a proper pour commenting. Lol”.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kylehughes.tok

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