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Couple 'devastated' after losing thousands after guests failed to show up to wedding

Couple 'devastated' after losing thousands after guests failed to show up to wedding

A clip of their empty wedding reception went viral on TikTok

A couple were left devastated after more than half of the people who RSVPed to their wedding didn’t turn up for their big day.

Gray Narvaez-Dragon and partner Nyx tied the knot earlier this year, after three years together.

The couple, from Iowa in the US, originally invited more than 100 people along to their nuptials, with 88 of them RSVPing to say they’d love to come along.

However, fewer than 40 people turned up - leaving the teenage newly-weds absolutely gutted and thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Gray said their heart sank when they walked down the aisle and saw the venue was half empty and that in the run-up to the wedding, people said they were looking forward to it.

Gray said: “During the wedding, most had noticed the lacklustre attendance and even apologised, specifically the ex-coworkers that did go, they had no answer as to why some didn't show.”

The couple were left devastated when more than half of their guests didn’t turn up.

Gray added: "Nyx's family left early, literally right after the ceremony.

“Then my mum left early for work.”

When Gray uploaded a quick five-second clip of the empty reception hall to TikTok, they quickly racked up more than three million views.

People couldn't believe it when they read Gray's caption, which said: "88 people said yes... not even 40 showed up."

Gray said: “I only had one person contact me and give me a reason, the rest just didn’t show.”

The couple had paid for cupcakes, a three-tiered cheesecake and food to feed 90.

Gray said: “I'd say we lost $2,500 out of the $3,000 spent.

They lost thousands of dollars over their big day.

Gray’s father counted 38 people at the ceremony.

Gray said: “By the time Nyx and I made our entrance to the reception about 28 were there.

“88 people total said yes. Everyone was very aware it was on a Monday and had no issue with it."

Gray said the invites were custom made and the date, time and location details were all correct.

In a follow-up clip about their wedding, Gray explained: "We cancelled our sparkler send off, private dance, dinner… cut entire reception short. Been in tears for hours over this."

They added: “Our opinion on everyone has changed.

“Everyone that did show up remains close to us, we are so thankful for them.

“We were both equally devastated considering the people invited all meant a lot to us.

“The people that didn't show just aren't worth our time. Simple as that.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Grayanxiety

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