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Londoners are questioning what 'wooden thing' is next to bus stop at Hyde Park

Londoners are questioning what 'wooden thing' is next to bus stop at Hyde Park

And no, it's not a bench or a place to rest your pint

If you've ever been to see your favourite music artist at London's Hyde Park, you may be one of the many people questioning what the 'wooden thing' next to the bus stop there is all about.

For those who have no idea what we're talking about, right by the stop at Hyde Park Corner you'll find what appears to be some sort of wooden table secured to the ground by two metal legs.

It's definitely not a bench, as it's far too high and is situated between a busy bus stop and two bins.

Which begs the question – just what the heck is it?

One Redditor wanted answers, and so they took to the forum to ask: "What's this wooden thing next to the bus stop at Hyde Park Corner?"

No, it's not a park bench.

Hundreds of people have since commented on the post, with some pointing out that there are more of these mystery objects planted around the city.

One person said, "Just like the pub next to East Croydon station. Same kind of thing."

Plenty of others took the opportunity to crack a few jokes, with one writing: "Haven’t you heard of the Mighty people from Mayfair? Just because they’re 8ft doesn’t mean they don’t need to sit and wait for the 159 as well mate."

"This is a relic from the planking craze days," quipped another, while a third added, "It’s a place to rest your pint while you wait for the bus."

"Just like a lot of buildings in London this also used to be a pub," joked a fourth.

You can't ask Brits a question like this without getting some banter out of it, eh?

But on a more serious note, some Londoners were on hand to explain the truth about the mysterious object – and it's got nothing to do with booze.

No, the unusual piece of street furniture is actually called a 'porter's rest', and these were used by people who were hired to transport goods around the city.

While we have now delivery drivers and vehicles to do the job, between the 17th and 19th centuries thousands of Londoners were employed as porters.

One Redditor explained: "In years gone by goods and packages would be carried around the city by porters.

"These goods would often be bulky and heavy and be carried on the shoulder of the porter.

Back in the day, porters needed a place to rest their cargo.
Wikimedia Commons

"These rests were placed around the city for porters to rest the package on while regaining their energy without having to lower the goods to the ground which would take more energy and which would often be filthy to boot."

Although the truth might not be as amusing as 8ft Mayfair residents or bus stop pint tables, it's a good bit of trivia to have in your back pocket the next time you find yourself at Hyde Park.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/AustinHealey98

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