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Teen mum who fell pregnant at 13 welcomes second child with husband

Teen mum who fell pregnant at 13 welcomes second child with husband

Maddie Lambert-Crowley has welcomed her second child

A teen mum who fell pregnant at the age of 13 has welcomed her second child.

Maddie Lambert-Crowley, who is now aged 20, welcomed her baby son, Ryder James, just last week.

Maddie welcomed her baby son, Ryder James, just last week.

Ryder was born weighing 7lb 14oz, with Maddie revealing that her six-year-old, Everly, is 'besotted' with him.

"Ryder James, 7lb 14oz, 20 inches, beautiful beautiful boy," she wrote on Instagram.

Maddie shares Ryder with husband, Randy Crowley. The pair got married in September last year.

And ever since the little one's arrival, people have been sharing heartfelt messages of support on the mum's social media.

One person wrote: "I’ve been on this journey with you since Everly was first born congratulations."

While another said: "Oh my gosh Maddie he is perfect! Awe! Welcome to the world little Ryder!"

And a third said: "I’ve been keeping up with you since Ev was just a little baby, and I’m so so so happy for and your beautiful family."

The couple announced the news last year, with Maddie telling followers on YouTube: “My jaw hurts from smiling, we are having a baby. I'm so happy, I'm still kinda in shock. There is a kid in there."

Maddie has previously opened up about the challenges she faced when welcoming her first child at the age of 14.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she explained how she was subject to cruel trolling after she became pregnant at 13.

She said: "I broke because I wasn't used to the amount of hate I was getting.

"Just because I got pregnant I was this horrible person.

"So many people that I thought were my friends would talk behind my back and make fun of me. I became the laughing stock of everyone I knew."

Maddie married husband Randy last year.

Maddie has also opened up on the judgement that teen mums receive, admitting that she had in the past 'looked down' on teen parents, too.

“I’d always look down on teen mums, if I’m being completely honest,” she told Truly.

“I think that was just from a lack of knowing what it’s really like.

“Whenever you would see the media surrounding teen mums, you see the TV shows, and it’s just really negative and it shows a lot of drama.

“When I actually got pregnant, I was so scared of the reaction people were gonna give.

“I did get a lot of negative reactions, a lot of hate.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/maddieelambertt

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