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Former sex worker says there are three main reasons why women cheat on their partners

Former sex worker says there are three main reasons why women cheat on their partners

Samantha X spilled the tea

A former escort has shared the main reasons why she believes a woman is likely to cheat.

As of last year, it was reported that 18 to 20 percent of married couples in the UK experience infidelities at some point in their relationships.

Men were found to be more likely to stray away from their partners, with 67 percent of study respondents being found to have done so more than once.

Women weren't too far behind, however, with 53 percent found to have been unfaithful more than once.

Previous studies show that some of the main reasons a man might cheat on their partner is down things like low anger, lack of love and need for variety - but the same can't be said for women.

According to Samantha X, who has been dubbed as 'Australia's most famous escort', women 'don't need connection like men do'.

"We get our emotional needs met by our friends, family, even our pets," she went on to explain to Mail Online.

"Women don't want hours of endless talking. We do enough of that in our real lives."

Samantha X is a former sex worker.

So what are the reasons they cheat and potentially pay for an escort?

Here's the lowdown from Samantha:

1. They want their confidence back

Samantha explains that a big reason why women sometimes fork out thousands for sex is to rebuild their confidence.

She notes that 'having kids changes women's bodies' and that such a physical change can 'be a hit on [their] self-esteem' and can leave women feeling 'unsexy and undesirable'.

Drawing on her years of knowledge from the industry, the former escort recalled that one mum said her 'secret sexy liaisons with a young male escort' made her feel 'alive again' and totally restored her self-esteem.

About 30–40% of relationships unmarried experience infidelity.
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2. They want good sex

Plain and simple: women want some satisfactory bonking.

One divorcee told Samantha: "I was sick of men coming over to eat meals I'd cook for them, and the food was always more satisfying than the sex."


With an emphasis on finding a man who 'puts her pleasure first', Samantha explained that some women just wanted to 'get down to business' with someone good-looking and without any of the drama that follows a relationship.

Alongside this, she also noted that women felt they could more easily act out their 'sexual fantasies' without the fear being 'judged'.

Woman apparently want 'good' sex.
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3. They want to be respected

According to Samantha, many women are sick and tired of a general lack of respect when it comes to dating.

Whether it's unsolicited 'd*ck pics', having the assumption that 'all women are easy', 'whinging too much', or being 'intimidated by independence' - she explained that arranging an escort is just a whole lot easier.

She said: "It was the ease of booking an allocated time, knowing what to expect, 'getting down to it' without the games and importantly, walking away knowing you still have your power."

So, there you have it - the three reasons why women cheat and opt to pay for sex instead of dating traditionally coming from the sexpert herself.

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