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Man's ridiculously complicated phone password is going viral for being 'safer than nuclear codes'

Man's ridiculously complicated phone password is going viral for being 'safer than nuclear codes'

His incredibly complex phone password has bemused people online

Passwords are the key to almost everything nowadays.

Whether it be your bank accounts, social media accounts, website memberships, or most importantly, your phone.

Maybe it's not the most important, but it can feel that way.

Phone passwords come in different forms, whether it be text, a face scan, a fingerprint scan, or even a weird connect-the-dots sort of thing.

In the age of having a unique password for each account and having a pass-key app, a man has managed to go viral for having a password so complicated that it has left people baffled.

This man has taken protecting his phone to the extreme, with his password consisting of a hugely complex button combo that he created himself.

Viewers have compared the pattern to something you might see at Fort Knox - a famous military base in the US.

The video reveals that it takes the man an entire 14 seconds of swiping to unlock the phone.

With all that hassle, my phone would probably stay unlocked.

The start of his password alone is more complicated than most people's whole passwords.

Posted on X, formerly Twitter, the clip shows the man swiping in random directions on his phone, connecting all the dots on his screen in the most complicated way possible to unlock it.

There isn't even a password, with lines and lengths of swipes varying each time, making the fact that he has memorised this even more memorable.

Imagine failing one of those swipes and starting from the beginning, though.

The fact that he has to do this for anything from a simple Google search to replying to a message has boggled the minds of several users online.

It has intrigued the masses, with the video currently sitting at over 32 million views at the time of writing.

Many have never seen a phone password so complex before.

Users shared their amazement at the viral clip in the comment, with many left questioning how he could remember that.

One user commented: "I can’t even remember my four-code pin, how do you expect me to repeat this step?"

Another remarked: "Well he just showed everyone EXACTLY how to get into his phone"

A third said: "I would hate to be that person and drunk lol."

A different user stated: “First off nobody would have the patience to do that every single time, and secondly, you’d have to have some REALLY CRYPTIC stuff on your phone to set such intense security,” remarked another.

Regardless of what you might think, you have to commend the amount of effort he has gone through to protect his data.

Featured Image Credit: X/@interesting_aIl

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