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Man joins random chat room on the Dark Web to see what happens

Man joins random chat room on the Dark Web to see what happens

He didn't like what he found

So many people use the internet every day but beneath the surface there's an entire other network known as the 'Dark Web'.

If you're wondering exactly what that is then there's a whole load of websites which aren't indexed by search engines which is referred to as the 'deep web'.

The stuff on the deep web includes emails, online banking and content behind a paywall.

Basically it's stuff you can't just get by Googling, instead having to access it with a direct URL or the IP address, and you'll often have to either pay or have some kind of password to access what's on the page.

If it's on the internet there's a webpage for it, but not every page can be searched for.

The dark web is a specific part of the deep web that only exists on 'darknets', networks which require specific software or permissions to access.

Experienced hackers have said they've seen very disturbing content on the dark web.

As you might already have assumed based off the dark web sites being hard to find, a huge amount of the content on there is very much illegal.

A hacker with years of experience explained that he'd seen some incredibly messed up things on the dark web, including people who say they 'want to see the world burn' and criminals who have encrypted medical data and extorted hospitals for money.

Another said there were 'murder for hire' sites and 'all kinds of different websites that do horrible things', recommending that people didn't go there unless they 'want to be traumatised or hacked'.

While many have stuck to the maxim that it's better you don't know, some have ventured in and been disgusted by what they found.

A few years back TikToker @austinvro showed his viewers what he found on the dark web, including 'red rooms' which he said where places 'where people can pay to watch live tortures happen'.

The TikToker said he spoke to some 'disgusting people' on a dark web chatroom.

He then went onto a chat room with a stranger who told Austin they were 'looking for fun rp chat with my daughters', with the TikToker admitting he didn't really know what that meant but was sure he wanted no part of it.

In another chat room on the dark web someone else told him they were 'f25 into roleplaying as younger', which led Austin to say they were 'disgusting people'.

Much that is disgusting goes on via the dark web, as there have been people kidnapped and put up for sale on there, while there are sites which pay people for nude images and link the contact information of those in the pictures.

A 2014 study from the University of Portsmouth found that the most commonly hosted content type on web browser Tor, which is one of the networks which can be used to access the dark web, was child pornography.

After that the study found that the next most popular type of content was black markets selling illicit goods.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/AustinVRO

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