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Man thinks he's 'proved' pyramid conspiracy theory with simple video showing rocks can be moved with sound

Man thinks he's 'proved' pyramid conspiracy theory with simple video showing rocks can be moved with sound

He uses both drums and a didgeridoo to prove his point

A didgeridoo player who proved rocks can be moved with sound believes he's officially answered the question of how the pyramids were built.

Do we want to trust a didgeridoo player over an archaeologist or historian? I'm not sure I didgeri-doo, but I'll let you decide for yourselves.

The theory that the pyramids were built with sound comes from TikToker @taistar42, also known as 'Didgeridoo Dude'.

The musician has racked up thousands of followers with his videos of him playing the wind instrument, and last year he used his platform to share the wild claim about how pyramids were built.

In his initial clip, captioned "Pyramids were built with sound," the TikToker used his instrument to pick up what looked to be a plastic bag and move it through the air.

The video shows the process of acoustic levitation, which relies on sound waves to hold objects in the air. Sound waves are usually too small to feel, but they can carry force - that's why, for example, the high amplitude sound wave of an explosion can knock people nearby off their feet.

As the Didgeridoo Dude demonstrated this on a smaller scale, he claimed 'Ancient Egyptians used Advanced Technology' to build the pyramids.

The musician has definitely proved the existence of sound waves.

However, not all viewers were convinced.

After watching the footage, people pointed out that a plastic bag is much lighter than the giant boulders used to build the pyramids, and challenged the TikToker to prove that sound could 'generate enough lift to move a rock'.

Determined to prove his theory, Didgeridoo Dude proceeded to share another video, this time using another instrument to back his claims.

He whacked hard on a drum that was being held over a surface, showing on the camera how it lifted a piece of foil up while doing so. Once the foil landed back on the surface, he unravelled it to show a small rock hidden inside.

Admittedly, Didgeridoo Dude did manage to prove that sound can be used to move rocks. However, bearing in mind how small his example pebble was, and how f*cking huge the pyramids are, it's still not the most convincing of theories.

However, as we don't technically have one definitive and resounding answer about how the pyramids actually were built, we can't dismiss Didgeridoo Dude entirely.

It's definitely more plausible that Egyptians used a sloping ramp to haul rocks up to build the impressive structures, but do we know for absolutely sure? I'm afraid we didgeri-don't.

Featured Image Credit: @taistar42 / TikTok / Edwin Remsberg / Alamy Stock Photo

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