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Man who refused to split £3500 birthday dinner bill shares what they all ordered to prove his point

Man who refused to split £3500 birthday dinner bill shares what they all ordered to prove his point

The man is still insisting that he isn't 'broke'

A man who refused to split a £3,500 [$4,600] bill for his friend's birthday meal has revealed what was ordered at the restaurant.

Content creator Vic Gotti took to YouTube to explain himself after footage of the meal's aftermath went viral on TikTok.

Vicc Gotti has defended himself after the row went viral.
YouTube/Vicc Gotti

In the clips that went viral, members of the party can be seen arguing, as some seemingly insist that splitting the bill is the fairest solution.

Others are seen refusing to even consider going Dutch, whilst the birthday girl is refusing to part ways with any money at all - as it's her big day.

She fumed: "Like it's my f**king birthday, why the f**k should I have to pay for something on my birthday?"

Other attendees weren't convinced by this argument, however, with Gotti himself yelling: "Y'all doing way too much.

"We didn't order all that. I'm not paying for this baby girl."

In response, another man challenged him: "What's the point in getting food if you can't pay for it?!"

So obviously, things got heated.

Explaining himself in a follow up video, Gotti said: "I see that stuff is expensive, this is my first time in this restaurant.

"It's not even that I'm cheap, I just don't know what I want to order.

"I go ahead and I get the calamari and the sprite."

The meal had supposedly ended in a row when the party couldn't agree on how to split the bill.

Turning to three of his friends sitting in on the video, he asks them what they tucked into at the restaurant.

The first friend admits to getting himself duck tacos, calamari and a drink.

Gotti claims that other people in the group were splurging on bottles of champagne and lamb chop steaks.

Gotti ranted: "Y'all wondering how it got up to $4,600."

Although one of his friends insisted that Gotti was 'drinking like he was out of the ocean', even asserting that he downed half a bottle.

In response, Gotti insisted: "I thought it was free. We all thought it was free."

It's a mistake anyone could have made, right?

Restaurants are famous for giving away stuff for free, of course.

Gotti continued: "They kept ordering stuff.

"Ordering multiple desserts.

"We were having bottles of water, they were having bottles of wine!

"When the bill came, I said I'd pay for what I ordered and they proceeded to call me broke."

Given that this follow-up video resulted in more arguing, I think it's safe to say that this dispute isn't getting resolved anytime soon.

Hopefully their next meal out will be at a cheaper establishment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Instagram/@Viccgotti

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