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Man gets revenge after neighbour doesn’t stop ‘intentionally’ blocking driveway

Man gets revenge after neighbour doesn’t stop ‘intentionally’ blocking driveway

He came out on top in the neighbourhood parking wars

A man who ended up in a driveway war with a neighbour managed to get the best revenge after finding a way to get back at the person who 'intentionally blocks' his car.

If, at some point in your life, you've ended up in some sort of feud with the neighbours it's important to know that pretty much no act of passive-aggression is off the table.

One of the most obvious ways a feud like this can develop is in a battle for space over where to park your car, as for many people pavement space right outside one's own home is prime real estate.

Texas Redditor u/Specialist-Orchid-86 felt a certain line of decency had been crossed after a neighbour had guests over who intentionally blocked their driveway, including parking a food truck right up his drive.

He claimed that his neighbours were doing this because 'they want us to move', alleging that they 'physically assault other neighbours' and vandalised his home with spray paint.

One guy has been driven to distraction after neighbours kept parking their cars on his driveway.

Early attempts to fight this off in court proved unsuccessful, and a later stratagem to try and get the cars towed off his driveway also fell flat.

Others chipped in with suggestions on how to defeat the neighbour and their automotive encroachment, including one idea for the man to buy a cheap car and simply drive it into his driveway thinking it wasn't stuffed full of the neighbours vehicles.

While the old banger might get messed up, it'd be a cheap wreck anyway, and the damage it'd do to the cars on his driveway might make them reconsider.

However, he didn't go for this course of action and was finally able to figure out the perfect way to get revenge after reporting seven of the neighbours cars as broken down to the city.

The Redditor said the cars had 'got tagged' and that had made the neighbours back off from their antics, though it doesn't seem to be the end of his problems.

He had to resort to a little more than this, winning the parking wars after reporting the vehicles as broken down.

In another post he said the neighbours had 'cut down the flower garden in front of my fence again' and decided the best course of action was to unscrew their fence posts, paint them all the colours of the rainbow and replace them.

It doesn't sound like the happiest of streets if we're being honest.

In other parts of the world police have been going round taking pictures of particularly terrible examples of parking while one unlucky soul found that they'd received a fine for having the temerity to park outside their own home.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Specialist-Orchid-86

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