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CEO says there's one question you should 'never ever' ask at a job interview

CEO says there's one question you should 'never ever' ask at a job interview

RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins has spoken about the one question you really shouldn't be asking at a job interview.

For those that have been to their fair share of job interviews, you'll be well aware of the stresses such an occasion can bring.

Once you've polished your CV and cover letter and managed to make yourself look good on paper, then comes the dreaded interview, if you have managed to impress enough.

With that comes even more worries, from the outfit of choice to making sure you don't say anything stupid or stutter to your potential new employer.

One thing all of us would have learnt from career workshops back at school, college and university is to always ask a question at the end.

Often, if the employer asks if you have any questions and you reply with a 'no', then you are going to look a bit silly.

There is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to job interviews.

But you want to be making sure you are asking the right questions to conclude the interview; ending on a positive note, you know.

Well, according to one CEO, there is one particular question you should 'never ever' ask during a job interview.

In a column for CNBC'S Make It, CEO of RSE Ventures, Matt Higgins wrote: "If you’re a job seeker, here’s a piece of advice you likely won’t hear from anyone else: Never ever ask an employer what their remote work policy is during the job interview."

The CEO went on to say that he is in favour of employees working in the office as well as from home, though he went on to explain how job cuts at the likes of Meta has led to remote working being removed for new hires at the Facebook owner.

He added: "As a CEO, investor and founder, I’ve learned a lot about dealing with uncertainty. After acceptance, the second rule of crisis management is survival — and landing a job in this soon-to-be cutthroat job market will require some finessing and compromising."

Higgins went on to explain how certain questions in a job interview can create a certain perception, something that could be the difference between landing your dream job or getting a rejection letter.

Never ask about remote workings, according to the CEO.

"Whether it’s fair or not, some managers will perceive initial interview questions about remote work as telegraphing the wrong priorities," he said.

"Even for me, it’s an immediate red flag."

He continued: "Imagine this scenario: You close your interview with a question about remote work and get a chilly reception. The next day, the hiring manager meets another candidate who says they could be in the office bright and early the next Monday morning.

"Sure, you may be more qualified. But there is a real chance that the other job seeker will be perceived as more committed. This might hold true even for managers at companies that have very robust remote work policies."

You've been warned, folks.

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