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Tattooed mum banned from ink parlours who refuse to touch her face

Tattooed mum banned from ink parlours who refuse to touch her face

Melissa Sloan has revealed she's been banned from pubs and tattoo parlours because of her body art

A heavily tattooed mum has revealed she's banned from ink parlours who refuse to touch her face.

Melissa Sloan, who has been dubbed 'Britain's most tattooed mum', has been inked that many times she's lost count of how many tattoos now cover her entire body.

The 45-year-old from Wales estimates she has around 100 tattoos - which includes three layers on her face alone - and while her ink is now like 'an addiction', it hasn't come without its issues.

And this includes not being able to get a job and being banned from certain ink parlours, with artists refusing to work on the mum-of-two's face.

Melissa Sloan has been dubbed as 'Britain's most tattooed mum'.
Melissa Sloan

Recently speaking to the Daily Star's 'My Colourful Life' series, Melissa explained how she hasn’t worked for 20 years due to her unique appearance.

"I have applied for jobs and they look at me and say 'what is this', like I’m not a human being," she said.

"I would love a job and prove them all wrong because all the time they keep saying to me 'we don’t want to give you a job, no one will give you a job'," Melissa explained, adding that she's even offered to 'scrub toilets' in the past.

"I’d love to be a solicitor or a lawyer in crime because I always used to be in trouble with the police myself. So I think I could do that job."

Alongside not being able to find employment, many tattoo parlours have refused service to Melissa, with the mum claiming it's all down to her facial ink.

"I'm banned from tattoo parlours because my face is full of tattoos," she claimed. "Some tattoo places don't do them on faces.

"Tattoo shops shut the door on me – tattooists won't let me in. When I had this done [my face], there's one about five miles up the road and they won't do it."

The mum-of-two has claimed she's been banned from tattoo parlours, with artists 'refusing to touch her face'.
Melissa Sloan

But Melissa has somewhat found a way around this dilemma by resorting to doing her own ink, with her partner often stepping in to help.

"I've got my own kit and I get it out any time of the day," Melissa elaborated. "At night, if I feel like a tattoo, I'll just have a tattoo."

And it's not just tattoo artists who have refused Melissa entry into their establishment, with the mum claiming to have been barred from a pub and even being made to watch her child's nativity play from the window.

"No Christmas parties and when I go to my child's school I don't get invited," she said to the Daily Star.

"They said once for me to go to the back garden look through the class window they told me to do so. The teachers told me to do that, that's why I don't go to the school play."

Featured Image Credit: Melissa Sloan

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