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44-year-old virgin who considers himself 'very normal' explains why he hasn't had sex yet

44-year-old virgin who considers himself 'very normal' explains why he hasn't had sex yet

Stephen is 'quite a good kisser' but is yet to lose his virginity

A 44-year-old virgin who considers himself to be ‘very normal’ has explained why he hasn’t dropped the title just yet.

Stephen Kinnard is a British business owner who at the age of 44, has never had sex.

And hoping to assure other men and teenage lads just like him that ‘it’s not that bad’, he sat down with LADbible for an episode of Honesty Box.

The bloke admitted to having ‘struggles with confidence’ as well ‘a nasty habit of comparing himself against other men’.

It’s not like he’s never touched a woman though, Kinnard says he’s been told he’s ‘quite a good kisser’.

But the furthest he’s gone is ‘kissing, cuddling and just hands’.

Obviously, we all go at our own pace with these things and there’s no judgement here.

Kinnard sat down with LADbible for Honesty Box.

Plus, Kinnard reckons it’s ‘surprising’ how many other middle aged male virgins there are out there, as he’s very much not alone.

Although it’s not exactly the majority – a YouGov survey found the median age at which brits lost their virginity is 17 with six percent of men saying they were 25 or older when they first had sex.

When Kinnard was asked why he is still a virgin, he said: “Well, probably because I haven't slept with anybody yet.

“But it's something that there is a big question mark over because I'm not socially awkward.

He's simply just not had sex yet.

“I don't really have any funny habits that would be classed as weird. I'm sociable and I've got a wide range of friends.

“And I would consider myself very normal but very shy, and especially shy when I talk to women.

“I hear a lot of people say things such as, ‘Oh, it's only sex. Just go and do it. Sex is not important.’

“But to me, somehow it's always been important and a very private thing between two people, and something that I've always wanted to be special.”

The bloke says he’s ‘absolutely’ not asexual as he ‘adores’ and ‘loves’ women.

“I’m interested in having sex and enjoying the whole thing that goes with a relationship and intimacy,” he added.

Kinnard decided to speak about this ‘private thing’ with LADbible because: “As I've got older, I've found it more of a struggle being a virgin, and I've realised that there are other people out there that are the same as me.

“So I've felt the need to talk about it, was given the chance to talk about it, and hopefully it will help other people, as it has helped me.”

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