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Man who claims to have 'most famous name in UK' says people are always asking for autograph

Man who claims to have 'most famous name in UK' says people are always asking for autograph

He says people react in many different ways and he has become somewhat of a celebrity

A man reckons he has the 'most famous name in the UK' and claims he spends much of his days signing autographs. Watch him explain that confusing statement here:

Deano Wilson, from Hampshire, has claimed that there is 'nobody more famous' than him, arguing that he's 'the only person whose name is still up in lights, even after a power cut'.

Now, at this point, you're probably wondering what the hell Deano is on about. Well, plot twist people – Deano is no longer Deano, he changed his name by deed poll to... Fire Exit.

Yep, the name's Exit, Fire Exit.

Here he is.
Jam Press

Not sure whether you could say that is the 'most famous name in the UK' – or if indeed names can be famous if they're not attached to famous people like David Beckham or Queen Elizabeth – but fair enough.

The audio and visual installation engineer said it started off as a bit of a joke, but it has since become quite a big one, and he's taken on some kind of bizarre celebrity status.

"I show up at work and my mates like to tell everyone on site who I am," Fire said.

"No matter where I am, people point out my name above doors.

"My name is the only one that is mandatory to have displayed in every language in every building, in every country all around the world.

"It's funny thinking that my name is illuminated somewhere every day, across the globe.

"My girlfriend is so tired of seeing fire exits everywhere."

Presumably he's going to be posing next to fire exit signs for the rest of his days.
Jam Press

The burning question then is obviously 'why?', and the 41-year-old insisted it's not for the 'fame', it's for the flipping banter.

Mr Exit explained: "I tell people, I might be called Fire Exit but I can certainly make an entrance.

"The funniest things to come out of it comes from the haters, not the lovers. It's incredible the amount of different kinds of reactions people have.

"It's all about comedy and how far you can take the joke.

"When I tell the story [of my name], it's seeing the different reactions I get that I find interesting.

"I have been ignored, I've been laughed at, I've had confused reactions. It's no one thing.

"I've been high-fived, I've even been asked numerous times to take selfies under fire exit signs."

Here's hoping Fire Exit's joke doesn't fizzle out.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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