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Mum confesses she ‘traumatised’ six-year-old daughter after she heard her having sex

Mum confesses she ‘traumatised’ six-year-old daughter after she heard her having sex

She shared a TikTok video about the awkward family episode and it went mega viral, racking up more than 46 million views

A couple's private time between the sheets has become anything but private after their daughter overheard them, with her reaction going viral.

Matt and Jayci Underwood, from Arizona, US, thought their six-year-old was fast asleep, and so they took the opportunity to get down to some nookie.

However, it soon became apparent that Jayci's pleasure had caused their daughter a good deal of distress.

In her viral video, Matt tells her: "Our daughter's crying right now 'cause she heard you screaming, and she wanted to make sure you were OK.

"So I think you should go talk to her and let her know you're OK."

The video then cuts to 31-year-old Jayci in her daughter's room asking her why she's upset.

"I heard you screaming. I wanted to know what's wrong but no one was answering me," the tearful daughter can be heard saying.

"Oh, our door was closed, I'm so sorry," Jayci replied.

The girl then said it sounded like she was 'hurt or something', but Jayci clarified that she wasn't and she thought her daughter was 'so asleep'.

And to perfectly round off the brilliant vid, the daughter adds: "I also heard you ordering pizza."

The video has been viewed a staggering 46.9 million times, with some people pointing out that such experiences can be 'traumatic' for children, while many others saw the funny side and related to the parenting predicament.

Jayci's video racked up more than 46 million views.

One person commented: "Husband be like, 'U should walk over and see if our daughter is ok... IF you can still walk.'"

Another said: "The pride in his eyes when he confirms she was screaming."

A third added: "Real reason she's crying cuz y'all order pizza without her!!!!"

The clip was actually filmed five months ago, with Jayci only remembering to post it a couple of weeks back.

"We did a stay-at-home date night. The kids go to bed early," Jayci told "We played a couple of games, we watched a movie and then we were intimate."

She added that she could see why some people didn't approve of the video, but she felt she had to make an exception in this case.

She explained: "Do I think that kids should be used as content? Absolutely not. And do I think that you should pick up your phone and record your child in a distressed moment? Absolutely not.

"But the reason I decided to post this was because I knew it would be so relatable and funny to adults."

Featured Image Credit: @part.time.milf/TikTok

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