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Woman who claims she is dating 'hottest man alive' makes boyfriend go viral

Woman who claims she is dating 'hottest man alive' makes boyfriend go viral

This woman has bragged on her boyfriend in a big way

When you're loved up, there's nothing quite as cathartic as gushing about your partner.

One woman is just the same as the rest of us, but she's taken her compliments to another level.

In fact, she has declared that her boyfriend is the 'hottest man alive'.

That's quite a statement to live up to.

Nadya Okamoto (@nadyaokamoto) took to TikTok to celebrate her significant other's good looks.

The video, which has garnered over four million views, showcases her partner Henry as she expressed disbelief that she's snagged the 'hottest man alive'.

Nadya, who is the co-founder of sustainable period product brand August, even questioned why Henry would be interested in her.

In the video's description, she wrote: "I'm convinced I'm dating the hottest man alive and no one can convince me otherwise.

A man has gone viral after his girlfriend lauded him as the 'hottest man alive'.

"Like every single day, I'm blown away by how f***ing hot this man is. And he's into me?!"

The two have been in a relationship for four years.

Nadya's candid admission brought forth a big reaction from viewers, who rushed to the comments to express astonishment.

Many agreed with her assessment of Henry's attractiveness, with one commenter remarking: "Yes girl, you won, not going to lie."

Others decided to reassure Nadya that she was in no way punching above her weight.

Commenters praised the couple and reassured Nadya that she was good enough for Henry.

One wrote: "Stop underestimating yourself, you're gorgeous as well!"

Another commenter gushed: "Why would he think that? You're gorgeous."

The comments on the whole were very sweet and supportive, which is something we need more of on TikTok nowadays.

Besides Nadya, you can hardly feel too mismatched with Henry.

In the world of strange couples, you are as about as far from the top of the list as it gets.

Take for example, the tale of Iris Jones and her Egyptian toyboy Mohamed Ibrahim.

You may recall that the pensioner went onto This Morning and admitted to be 'saddle sore' after their wedding night.

Despite the early passion of the relationship, things soon soured as her hubby, 45 years her junior, had sex with her less and less.

The two ultimately split up and the 83-year-old has since moved on to talking to other men online.

Talking to The Sun, she said that she was speaking to men closer to her own age.

She also revealed the couple used to bicker about if Prince William would make a good king.

Celebrity marriages never last, do they?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nadyaokamoto

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