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Top earning OnlyFans star who earns $100,000 a month admits only showering 37 times last year

Top earning OnlyFans star who earns $100,000 a month admits only showering 37 times last year

OnlyFans' top earner revealed she didn't shower much in 2022

The highest earning star on popular site OnlyFans has revealed in the span of 2022 she only took 37 showers.

Aella, who reportedly made around $100,000 a month (£83,000) on the incredibly popular site, has said she took very few showers after tracking her year on the Daylio app.

She revealed the information on Twitter as part of a roundup of her year, and the tidbit of information about her few showers in the year caught people's attention.

In one of the most popular responses to her tweet one person simply said '>showered >37' and left it there, prompting Aella to say it was because she tries 'not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much'.

OnlyFans star Aella revealed some fun facts about her year, including her lack of showering.

The OnlyFans star explained that while she may not have showered all that much, she did still regularly 'spot wash' the important bits.

As for the potential smell, she said she 'can't smell it', and if she did have a bit of a whiff it was 'usually when I'm sitting on the internet at home'.

Besides, there's always the tried and tested method of asking other people if you stink or not, although this does depend on them not being too polite to tell you the truth.

Plenty weren't convinced by this at all, with one person saying the idea of only showering 37 times a year was 'so insane to me'.

Many others shared a selection of GIFs to express their concern at how they thought the OnlyFans star must smell after showering less than once a week.

Others were more supportive, with someone else 'wondering how much water gets used by people obsessed with showering'.

There are actually a few expert opinions which say we don't need to shower anywhere near as much as most people do, assuming most people shower pretty much every day or two.

Plenty were a bit put off by her revelation.

Professor Sally Bloomfield, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said people really didn't need to shower each and every day, and might not need to at all.

She explained that the pong you get from not showering comes from 'microbes on our body' with a wash getting rid of the smell, but for cleanliness and hygiene we shower because it's 'socially acceptable'.

Meanwhile, Dr Sarah Welsh suggested that 'from a medical perspective' at least, people 'probably don't need to shower more than three times a week'.

She said washing too much could break down the natural barriers of the skin and cause more problems in the long term, making someone sore and dry.

Some people who don't shower as much as you might expect claimed their nearest and dearest really didn't mind at all, though not everyone was convinced by their explanations.

Even if you're not down for having a shower every day, maybe don't let it go too long before your next wash.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Aella_Girl

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