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Couple now 'stronger than ever' after making rule to let each other sleep with new people

Couple now 'stronger than ever' after making rule to let each other sleep with new people

Zoe and Matt have described their relationship as 'amazing' after agreeing to open it up

A woman has claimed she's 'never been in a happier relationship' after she and her boyfriend decided to open their partnership and sleep with new people.

Zoe Grey, 31, met her boyfriend Matt four and a half years ago when they struck up a conversation on social media after growing up in the same town.

Having previously been in relationships with women who had cheated on him while he was in the army, Matt turned his experiences into a kink which he discussed with Zoe as soon as they met.

Zoe and Matt have been together for four and a half years.
Instagram/@mattandzoex/Caters News Agency

Zoe explained: "He was open with me about this as soon as we met. I was able to meet up with other guys and have fun with them, as long as I took videos and shared experiences with him."

Zoe was 'open-minded and happy to experiment', and when she got into the swing of things - no pun intended - she realised it was 'something [they] both got off on'.

"After a couple of months of doing this, I told Matt that I also wanted to watch him with other women," she continued.

Matt was apparently 'shocked' at first that Zoe wanted to watch him with other women, as it was 'alien territory for him' after his previous relationships.

However, the pair decided to enter in to a fully open relationship and 'have fun with other people'.

"It's different to any other relationship I have ever been in," she explained.

"There is so much trust between us. The fact we can have fun with other people eliminates the worry of cheating, lying, and sneaking around. The connection we have together is so strong, and our relationship is so solid."

Matt was open with Zoe about his kink as soon as they met.
Instagram/@mattandzoex/Caters News Agency

The couple started off by using a website to allow Zoe to meet other men, and later for Matt to meet other women. Then, they started going to clubs to meet people.

Zoe said Matt was 'nervous when [they] first went to a club', but assured the pair now 'have the most amazing relationship and [they] are happier than [they] have ever been'.

"Now, we very much just go to clubs and private events. We go to the events together and play together at the events. We don't separate when we're there," she said.

In order to make sure they're both on the same page, Zoe and Matt set some ground rules when it comes to meeting new partners.

Zoe explained: "When we first started doing it, we had a rule of no kissing other people as it felt a lot more intimate, but over time this has changed, and now we are both open to kissing other people.

"Our main ground rules now are that we both have to find the other couple or person attractive, being safe, and using protection."

Zoe said she and Matt have 'no trust issues'.
Instagram/@mattandzoex/Caters News Agency

By opening the relationships, Zoe said she and Matt have been brought 'closer together'.

"It’s great. We've never felt like this in a relationship before," she said. "Of course, at times, you can feel a little bit of jealousy, it's only natural, but we just express how we feel to each other and talk through it. Communication is key."

The couple have received some 'negativity' online due to the choices they've made in their relationship, and they've been met with some questions from friends over 'whether [they] even love each other because of it', but Zoe explained: "We know how well it works for us.

"We're extremely happy, and everyone we have met in the lifestyle is also extremely happy with their choices. We've made lifelong friends by doing this too."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mattandzoex/Caters News Agency

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