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People can’t understand elevator which doesn’t stop

People can’t understand elevator which doesn’t stop

People on TikTok can't wrap their heads around this elevator that never stops.

People are being left confused after watching a video of an elevator that doesn't stop.

A clip of the unusual lift has gone viral on TikTok, with over 720k views and 58k likes on the channel.

The elevator in question is known as a paternoster lift, which is a passenger elevator with open compartments.

They move slowly in a loop up and down a building – and crucially, unlike standard lifts, they never stop.

This has left people puzzled, as can be seen with the clip on the TikTok account.

Watch it below:

The 55-second clip is simply captioned with 'would you ride a paternoster elevator?', as it shows a man struggling to get on.

The puzzled bloke eventually puts one step on, and you see his shocked face as the elevator starts to move up.

In the meantime, a cleaner is coming down on the other side of the building, and she is obviously familiar with the lift as she steps off with ease.

Another visitor in the unknown building gingerly steps on, though she certainly looks less puzzled than the first man.

It seems people in the comments section of the TikTok are equally confused by the lift, with many questioning what it is.

The man was as confused as the TikTok commenters by the lift. TikTok

One person asked: "Please explain this to me. Does it end somewhere? How far does it go? What if you don't get off? Is it like Willy Wonka's elevator?"

A second added: "Kind of shocked they’re even legal specially with today's health and safety standards."

And a third joked: "Who else was totally waiting for him to come down the other side hanging upside down?"

"Should be speeded up slightly, make it more challenging," another joked.

The construction of new paternosters stopped in the mid-1970s over fears for public safety, though they continued to remain in operation in many countries.

Paternosters are mostly found in Europe, with 230 found in Germany, for example.

Paternoster lifts are less common now due to safety concerns.
CTK / Alamy Stock Photo

There are only three outside of Europe, though, with one in Malaysia, one in Peru and another found in Sri Lanka.

There are two paternosters in the UK, one being in a London hospital and the other at the University of Sheffield, the latter having just undergone maintenance.

Over the years, there have been many accidents involving these lifts, with some being fatal.

In the UK, a passenger was killed in 1975 in Newcastle University's Claremont Tower paternoster, with a second non-fatal accident happening in the same lift 13 years later.

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