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Man shares surprisingly clever hack to get the perfect beer pour every time

Man shares surprisingly clever hack to get the perfect beer pour every time

He's certainly divided viewers as he claims 'bubble magic' with his beer can

After shoulder barging (politely, of course) your way to the front and shouting over your order, you can finally judge the bar staff as they pour your pint.

Obviously, you want that nice cold temperature, the good level of bubbles and the ideal amount of foam forming just a tiny little dome above the edge of the glass.

With a round of drinks seeming to cost an arm and a leg these days, you’re understandably p**sed off if you’re handed an abomination of a pour.

Usually though, bar staff get it right – it’s when you’re at home and in your mate’s back garden when things tend to go wrong. Unless you just take it straight from the can, there’s plenty of arguments to be had over who pours a drink the best.

Fancy yourself as the back garden bartender? (Getty stock)
Fancy yourself as the back garden bartender? (Getty stock)

And no one wants the day being ruined because someone’s handed you a glass full of froth. So, a man has shared a surprisingly clever hack to ensure the perfect beer pour every time.

User ‘creative explained’ took to TikTok to share his ‘bubble magic’, but it’s divided plenty of viewers.




He simply says that instead of pouring the can directly in to the glass or doing that little tip so the drink runs down the side, you should do something a little more unusual.

“Just put the glass over the can and flip it upside down,” he says, “then slowly pull up the can.”

His method isn't the most conventional. (Getty stock)
His method isn't the most conventional. (Getty stock)

And as he pulls the can up from the bottom of the glass, he does seem to reveal a decently poured beer.

“Boom, done!” the bloke says as he adds that there is ‘no spills’ and ‘no loss of bubbles’ using his technique. “Works every time!” he promises as one user says you surely end up making ‘a mess’ doing it like that.

One user wrote in the comments that they are a bartender but would only pour cans in this way ‘with stouts or dark beers like Guinness.”

Others said it’s ‘one way to do it’ as one simply wrote: “The first tip I VETO.”

Some reckon it’s not very hygienic as ‘germs from the can that everyone put their fingers on’ end up in your drink.

“Cool idea but the thought of all those germs off that can is too much,” many echoed.

And another isn’t impressed by the lack of ‘foam in the glass’ as many agreed: “The foam is important.”

But plenty did point out the far easier solution: “Or you could just drink it out of the can.”

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