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Plane passenger blasts 'selfish' fellow traveller who kept their shade up the entire flight

Plane passenger blasts 'selfish' fellow traveller who kept their shade up the entire flight

The passenger sounded off about their behaviour on TikTok

If you want to hop on a plane, you sadly have to put up with other passengers and their quirks.

Usually, disputes come to the fore over sharing the armrests but that's a discussion for another article.

The passenger was slammed for letting sunlight into the plane.

One flyer has lashed out at a fellow passenger for leaving their window shutter open during an overnight flight, sparking a debate online about plane etiquette.

Sarah Johnston Turner, from Saskatchewan, Canada, took to TikTok to blast an anonymous traveller for leaving their window open on a flight from Hawaii to Canada.

In the video, she filmed the breadth of the plane, showing that everybody else had shut their windows.

Only one person had left theirs wide open, leaving bright sunlight to stream through.

Johnston Turner played Rick Moore's song 'I'm the A**hole' alongside the footage, writing in the caption: "There is always that one person a red-eye flight."

She later explained that the video was filmed three hours into the six-hour journey, which took off at 11:30pm in Hawaii and landed at 8:30am in Canada.

Johnston Turner was with her two young children at the time - a toddler and a six-month-old sitting in her lap.

The video has been viewed more than three million times and has generated nearly 3,000 comments.

It has divided opinion in the comments section, with some siding with the passenger who opted to leave their shutter up.

"If I pay for a window seat, I'm looking out the window. Be mad all you want," one person argued.

Another commenter wrote: "I always get the window seat and I will never close it. That's the best part of flying."

Sarah Johnston Turner slammed her fellow passenger for being inconsiderate of others.

"As a nervous flyer, being able to see out the window is the only thing stopping me from having a panic attack," another admitted.

However, just as many TikTok users backed up Johnston Turner, with some sharing their own flight horror stories.

"I was once on a red eye where one of the flight attendants was walking around with a coat hanger shutting windows. Not all [heroes] wear capes," one person wrote.

"Don't book a red eye if you have to open the window," another fumed.

One commenter even addressed the TikTokers who had defended the right to let the light in.

They wrote: "Sure they paid for the window, but you know what's free? Consideration of others. [People] are the worst versions of themselves when traveling."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tiktok/SarahJohnsonTurner