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Man Who Moved To Canada To Meet New Girlfriend Splits Up With Her After 13 Days

Man Who Moved To Canada To Meet New Girlfriend Splits Up With Her After 13 Days

Terrance had plans to propose before he decided to break off the relationship

A 23-year-old man who moved to an entirely new country to be with his girlfriend has revealed the pair broke up after less than two weeks.

For many couples it's long-distance that proves too tough to handle, but for Terrance Green it was apparently a short-distance relationship that pushed him to breaking point.

Terrance met Alisa Thomas on a dating app in April, after which Alisa flew 230 miles from Toronto to meet Terrance in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Within a matter of weeks, Terrance had Alisa's name tattooed on his neck and moved to Canada to be with her.

Terrance kept his followers updated on his relationship with Alisa.
Kennedy News and Media

He shared on Twitter his plans to have a baby with Alisa and had even booked a restaurant ready to propose to her, but later claimed he couldn't cope with relationship after hearing about Alisa's friends, who he alleged would start arguments with his girlfriend.

"For me to be there and to have her crying almost every other day, saying 'my friends said this and now I'm sad', it was just so much stress." Shockingly, Terrance told Alisa she would have to 'cut [her friends] off' if she wanted their relationship to work, saying: "Her friends were a big problem."

The 23-year-old claimed he had been accused of starting an Instagram page criticising a birthday party thrown by one of Alisa's friends, and that the friend had 'made up a whole load of stuff' about him after he tried to clear the air.

Terrance moved to Canada within a matter of weeks.
Kennedy News and Media

Terrance told Alisa he was going to 'remove' himself if she wasn't going to 'cut out the toxic people' in her life, explaining: "So I just left, I chose to leave. The situation was getting too toxic. I hadn't even been there for a month. If she didn't want to cut them off, I didn't want to be there. We were going to get married and have kids. I didn't want these people around my kids or at my wedding. I can't be fake."

Terrance claimed it was 'too early in the relationship' for him to have to deal with 'so much crying' and accused Alisa's friends of 'acting like high schoolers'. He admitted he thinks Alisa 'wanted [him] to leave', and said that looking back he is 'not mad' about how the situation unfolded.

He has since gained a lot of attention online and is back in the dating game, though some internet users have criticised Terrance for rushing the relationship.

Terrance has plans to remove his tattoo in the future.
Kennedy News and Media

Before their relationship came to an end, Alisa admitted her friends and family had been 'nervous' and had expressed belief their romance was 'moving too fast'.

"I think if we didn't live countries apart, people wouldn't have thought it was a fast process. But because we live in different places, everybody was like 'oh gosh, they did that?," she said.

Terrance is now living in Atlanta, Georgia, with plans to get the tattoo of Alisa's name covered up at some point in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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