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People have ‘new fear unlocked’ after realising some planes have seats facing each other

People have ‘new fear unlocked’ after realising some planes have seats facing each other

It's definitely far too long to be looking at another person's face

Ever been on a flight with seats facing one another? Me neither, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say: no thank you.

Unless you're swanky enough to bag a seat in first class, there aren't really a lot of great things about flying.

Really, it's all about the destination, and definitely not about the shortage of legroom, questionable food or various smells and sounds that are coming from the people around you.

We're typically used to seeing planes with seats in rows.

Perhaps one of the only good things about flying is that for however long you're in the air for, you can usually enjoy a bit of you-time.

You can plug in your headphones and watch something on the screen attached to the seat in front of you, or simply snack your way through the journey, safe in the knowledge that between the rows of seats, no one really has an easy, direct view of you.

Unless you're on a plane with seats that face one another, that is.

I'm not talking about a massive, fancy private jet here - I'd definitely take a bit of eye contact if it meant sitting in one of those luxurious seats.

Instead, I'm talking about a plane with seats that are just as tight as a regular aircraft, except they face each other, like they sometimes do on trains or buses.

Planes with this kind of seating layout obviously aren't common, but they do exist, and some TikTokers are here to prove it.

The seating plan means you're left facing the person opposite.

One user, Megan, shared her experience of the face-to-face seats this week, writing: "I've never been on a flight like this before..."

Clearly unimpressed with the arrangement, Megan added: "WHY."

The revelation of the seating plan has left people horrified, with one writing: "I ain't taking that flight, I already freak out internally sitting next to a stranger."

Another added: "A new fear unlocked."

A third person asked Megan which airline she was flying with, purely so they 'never book with them'.

If you were wondering, she responded to say it was a 'regional airline in Sweden'. So if you're ever planning on flying in Sweden, maybe try and check the seating plan out first.

Another TikToker shared their own experience of a face-to-face flight last year, though they admittedly looked a bit happier to have some people to talk to on the plane.

"First time on a flight with seats facing each other in the first two rows," they wrote.

I suppose it really depends whether you're travelling with people you know or not, but let's be honest, there's really only so much time you need to spend staring at someone else's face.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@meganhomme

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