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People can’t believe how slow plane looks from the inside when taking off

People can’t believe how slow plane looks from the inside when taking off

People were left surprised by how slow it appeared to move

Reddit users were left shocked after watching a clip filmed from inside the cockpit of a plane during takeoff.

While many of us have been on planes, it’s safe to assume that not many of us have actually had a cockpit-view of what take-off looks like - so when someone uploaded a clip of just that to Reddit recently it soon picked up a lot of attention.

In the clip, two pilots can be seen sitting in the cockpit with a bunch of buttons, dials and lights almost completely surrounding them.

The runway, meanwhile, is dark with its own lights shining brightly as the plane picks up pace before eventually taking off into the sky. Science, eh?

However, while most people found the clip pretty interesting - it was shared to the ‘Damn that’s interesting’ subreddit, after all - many viewers were surprised by how slowly the plane appeared to be moving before it made it into the air.

Commenting on the post, one person said: “I was expecting those lights on the runway to start moving a lot faster before they took off.”

Another said: “Why the f**k does this look eerily slow.”

While a third added: “I was like, ‘when is it going to speed up? It surely can’t take off this slow right?’”

Reddit users were left surprised by how slowly the plane appeared to move.

A fourth joked: “That was a brisk walk.”

And someone else said: “Seriously. Looks like he’s going 14 mph.”

However, others pointed out that the lines on the runway are a lot further than you’d think and the runway is probably longer than you’d imagine, with a Reddit user commenting: “A runway is 3km long.”

A second added: “I have walked on a runway before and it takes like forever to get from one centerline stripe to the other.”

To which someone explained: “They’re 80 feet apart, and 120 feet in length.”

Commercial planes usually take off at speeds of around 160-180 mph.

“You also need to consider that this is a relatively wide angle camera to capture the whole cockpit, which makes it look slower,” a fellow plane-fan noted.

And if all this is piqued your interest about just how fast a plane needs to be moving to take-off, then has you covered.

According to the publication ‘most commercial planes take off at roughly 160 mph to 180 mph’.

So a helluva lot faster than that clip made it appear.

And when it comes to landing, it’s a little bit slower, with speeds of around 150 mph to 165 mph.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@piaoffice

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