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Shocking photos show what attempting world record swim did to man’s body

Shocking photos show what attempting world record swim did to man’s body

He's shared the grim reality of taking on the challenge

Adventurer Ross Edgley has shown the shocking impact of attempting to break the world record for the longest continuous lake swim.

Edgley, from Lincolnshire, had hoped to swim 171km non-stop in Lake Trasimeno, near Perugia, in Italy this week.

Speaking before the event, he said: "I'm excited, world record attempt number two and nine months since leaving the hospital.

"This will officially be the longest, unassisted, non-stop, open water swim in history, and will all be done in the name of ocean conservation as we finish what we started in Loch Ness, Scotland."

However, his attempt was cut short due to the ‘brutal conditions’ causing numerous problems - including a risk of kidney damage - with the water hitting 33C, as a heatwave swept the area.

Ross Edgley showed off the impact of his record breaking attempt.

In a post on Instagram, Edgley thanked his fans for their support, before writing: “Quick update: Lake Trasimeno you were AMAZING, but unfortunately with this 'Cerberus' heat wave (to quote CNN news) expected to hit Italy this week it meant temperatures threatened to reach a record 48°C in places (water temperature at 33°C in parts) which meant the swim had to be attempted under pretty brutal conditions!

“That said, we tried and the team were AMAZING but the adventure was cut short around 70km due to heat stroke and concerns of dehydration and kidney damage! Going to rest up and eat pizza but wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH (again).”

Alongside the message, Edgley shared a couple of snaps of his incredible wrinkled skin due to the time spent in the water - and I won’t lie, I almost lost my lunch looking at them.

The adventurer had been hoping to break the world record for longest continuous lake swim.

His post caught the eye of fellow adventurer Bear Grylls, who told him: “Rest up buddy… what an effort.” You can say that again.

This isn’t the first time Edgley has attempted such a feat - last year, he swam around the, altogether more chilly, Loch Ness for a staggering 59 hours (or 79km) before being pulled from the challenge on medical grounds.

Edgley ended up in hospital after he developed hypothermia, kidney failure and cellulitis caused by a rash from his wetsuit.

However, he had no regrets, telling BBC Breakfast: "I know it looked brutal, but it was a good way to spend 50 hours." Rather you than me, pal.

It’s not known if Edgley will try for third time lucky with the challenge, but his post today did reveal that there would be ‘more updates to follow’.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/rossedgley

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