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Brit running entire length of Africa responds to bloke who's drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days

Brit running entire length of Africa responds to bloke who's drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days

Someone questioned which is the more impressive challenge

A British man who is attempting to run the entire length of Africa has responded after someone questioned whether his challenge is less or more impressive than the bloke who is downing 2000 pints in 200 days. Hard to say, really.

Russell Cook - aka @hardestgeezer - from Worthing, West Sussex, is hoping to run 14,500km (9,320 miles), with the challenge taking him through rainforests, the Sahara desert and numerous cities across the length of Africa.

Talking to the BBC about the challenges he faces, he said: "Not many people live there, so in terms of food, petrol and water, it's slim pickings.

"Then you've got the sheer fact it's boiling hot during the day, freezing cold at night and I'll be running on sand, which is an absolute killer."

Not to mention the fact he was held up at gunpoint and robbed by a gang of armed men.

Meanwhile, in Sheffield, Jon May is attempting to drink 2,000 pints in 200 days and has almost completed his challenge.

May told Vice: “On the one hand, you’re essentially killing your liver, and on the other you’re doing something mildly impressive.”

Couldn’t put it better myself, mate.

Russ Cook, who is running across Africa, branded Jon May an ‘animal’.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one user wrote: “Can’t decide if the guy drinking 2000 pints in 200 days is more impressive than the bloke running across Africa.”

Spotting the post, Cook retweeted it adding: “2000 pints in 200 days hahaha. Animal.”

He then threw down the gauntlet to May, tagging him in a post that read: “Let’s swap for a day and see who gets more mashed up.”

May has since responded to the post, writing simply: “Deal.”

Do it, fellas. It’s what the world wants.

May is coming to the end of his challenge, and is currently on day 197 and has managed to drink 1,984.

Russ also suggested they swap places for a day.

He explained: "We've got three days left, 16 pints left so we need to drink an average of 5.3.

"That's no worries, we're going to have five today and then we're going to have like two on Thursday."

That means he’ll be left with nine pints to guzzle on his final day, which is Friday.

He added: "No need to worry, we've got it all under control. We have spent £7,936 and drank a grand total of 361,088 calories.

"That is an average of 1,832.93 calories every single day. So yeah! We are smashing it as per usual."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter /@hardestgeezer/TikTok / @j0nmay

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