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Man drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days has set himself monumental task for final day

Man drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days has set himself monumental task for final day

Jon May has some serious work to do as his mammoth drinking challenge draws to a close.

A man who has challenged himself to drink 2,000 pints in 200 days has set the bar high for the final 24 hours.

As Jon May's beer guzzling experiment draws to a close, the pressure is certainly building.

The 25-year-old has shared his bizarre journey, which has no doubt been plagued with ground shaking burps, on TikTok.

He decided to embark on the mammoth task after seeing another social media user attempting to drink 1,000 pints in a year.

Jon thought he could easily upstage his online rival by doubling his consumption as well as shortening the time frame.

Thousands of Brits have followed along with his habitual trips to the pub to meet his daily pint quota, which he has methodically mapped out.

The booze loving Brit has nearly completed his bizarre challenge.

He originally planned to swig ten pints per day on average, but has inevitably had to tweak his portion plans.

I certainly couldn't start doing calculations when I'm half-cut.

In a video shared last night, Jon admitted he had 'messed up on the maths slightly' and his success will all ride on the last day.

He's on day 197 and doesn't have far to go, as he has already drank a whopping 1,984 pints.

This is an average of 10.07 a day - but his miscalculation has seen this 'suddenly plummet like a submarine', according to Jon.

He explained yesterday (19 October): "We've got three days left, 16 pints left so we need to drink an average of 5.3.

"That's no worries, we're going to have five today and then we're going to have like two on Thursday."

If your mental maths isn't that quick, that means that he has nine to get down his neck on the final day - which will be tomorrow (20 October) - for a nail-biting finish.

Some boozers may think that's a doddle, but it's not as easy as it looks. Thankfully, Jon has every faith in himself.

Jon has a lot of work to do on the last day to meet his target of 2,000 pints.

He added: "No need to worry, we've got it all under control. We have spent £7,936 and drank a grand total of 361,088 calories.

"That is an average of 1.832.93 calories every single day. So yeah! We are smashing it as per usual."

People in the comments section were wowed by his 'dedication', while others were more concerned about how his liver was coping.

One said: "I'm very excited, cannot wait for the big day!"

Another wrote: "As someone taking a sober October, thank you for letting me live vicariously through you lad."

A third added: "Can we get a liver check after the challenge?"

Someone else chimed in: "How's bro going to react when he finishes the challenge and realises he has now become an alcoholic?"

For context, the NHS recommends that folks drink no more than 14 units per week, which is equivalent to around six pints of four percent lager.

It also recommends that those 14 units are spread out evenly over three or more days.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that these figures are drastically lower than Jon's daily intake.

But best of luck to him!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/j0nmay

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