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Brits call out 'saddest' children's play park where kids can play with a log and nothing else

Brits call out 'saddest' children's play park where kids can play with a log and nothing else

A snap of the 'saddest play park' has attracted plenty of attention online

Cast your mind back to your childhood and try to remember all the fun you would have messing around in the park with your pals… now forget all that because someone has discovered what is the ‘saddest play park’ in existence. 

The dismal little area, which appears to be on the edge of a housing estate, is closed off with some metal fencing and inside there’s only a single log for little ones to play with.

Who needs slides and a swing set when you’ve got half a dead tree on the ground, eh?



A snap of the glum-looking play area was posted on the Casual UK subreddit, with the caption: “The saddest play park," and it is hard to disagree - even the grass can’t be bothered to make an appearance. 

Naturally, Brits thought it was pretty bleak but not so bleak that they’d miss the opportunity to take the pi**, of course. 


Commenting on the post, one wrote: “I can't wait to play with the LOG it's my favourite thing at the park.”

Another said: “I remember when I was young, playing outside, on the…. Log?”

“Are you alright son? You haven't walked across The Log today,” commented another.


While someone else joked: “Want to go out and play kids? No. Why? It’s boring… WHAT?!? Back in my day we would have loved to have a log to play with, all we had were our imaginations!”

Others reckoned the big log was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ and questioned where there wasn’t rubber matting or similar surrounding it.

However, others have suggested it’s actually not intended to be a kid’s play area and is a dog run - albeit a very small one without adequate fencing or a dog poo bin.

A fellow Reddit user responding to a comet saying it was a ‘designated crap area’ wrote: “This would make sense, having designated areas where you can take dogs and let them off the lead is becoming more common. Usually when developers are trying to do the bare minimum for a play park you'll get a swing and one of those ride on things on a spring.”

And someone else asked: “Are we sure it’s not a dog run?”

I’m not sure what children or man’s best friend has done to deserve such a dire little place to play but it must have been pretty bad.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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