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Woman Says Seagull Terrorised Family For Five Years By Waking Them Up At 5am Every Day

Woman Says Seagull Terrorised Family For Five Years By Waking Them Up At 5am Every Day

The woman explained how she dealt with the pesky bird

Seagulls can be pesky creatures. Commonly associated with hunting down dropped chips or snacks at the seaside, sometimes they can be aggressive in their quests for food.

However, one woman is now alleging one wild bird carried out 'a sustained campaign of harassment' against her and her family. Watch the pesky creature in action below:

Speaking on Twitter, Ceri Bradshaw shared her experience of the seagull. She wrote: “The struggle is real.

"This seagull carried out a sustained campaign of harassment to us a few years ago. Used to wake me up at 5am with this kind of s**t for months on end.

"Took some serious strategy to beat it.”

She joked: “I shot it in the end (not really, don’t lose your s**t tweeps).”

Users quizzed Bradshaw over how she coped with the errant bird and the early wake ups, to which she joked: “Water pistols were useful.”

Ceri Bradshaw was tormented by a seagull.
Ceri Bradshaw

Bradshaw’s response was in reply to another Twitter user complaining about a seagull whilst on holiday.

The user wrote: "Arrived at our Airbnb. Woman who owns it pointed out the usual - keys here, wifi password - then said 'and I must tell you about... the seagull'

"Turns out one is nesting outside our bedroom and we mustn't look at it because otherwise it gets agitated and will attack the windows."

This isn’t the first report of errant seagulls either. Last month it was reported that an ‘out of control’ seagull had gotten himself in hot water for frequently robbing the local Tesco Extra.

Steven the seagull has been reported by the Tesco branch's staff after he swooped in and swiped a packet of Mini Cheddars, a tasty snack to add to the £300 worth of other goods he’s nicked.

Ceri Bradshaw

An employee of the store noted it was a 'common occurrence'.

Despite his unhealthy diet of mostly crisps, Steven gets his steps in by trotting back and forth in and out of the shop at least three times every day.

While Steven's choices in crisps are commendable, the seagull has racked up a hefty £300 sum in stolen goods from stealing over 17kg of food.

Steven isn't the only seagull wreaking havoc on his local neighbourhood either, as Cedric, the giant and 'evil' bird, has also been reported as stealing.

However, Cedric doesn't fancy food, but dog toys; 'hanging around' locals and their pets, 'teasing' and taunting the animals who are left gawking as he picks up their playthings and sips from their water bowls.

As much as I'm sure Steven would love to try and shift the blame onto Cedric, a Tesco employee noted how all the staff very much believe 'it's the same gull'.

Featured Image Credit: Ceri Bradshaw

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