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Man vows to never do Secret Santa again after opening gift from his colleague

Man vows to never do Secret Santa again after opening gift from his colleague

He's been put off for life by the innocent giftbox

Sure, it’s a bit of fun but work Secret Santa usually goes one of two ways: either your office bestie gets you the perfect gift or that bloke you’ve never spoken to gets you something useless.

I know, I know, it’s the ‘time of giving’ but that doesn’t make it any sweeter when you’re one of the only ones to put a load of effort in to impress the office at Christmas.

And this guy was so annoyed by his that he’s vowed to ‘never’ take part in Secret Santa again.

Must be a pretty offensive or really rubbish gift, right?

You can watch the viral TikTok here:

Explaining why he will not be participating in ‘Secret Santa anymore in any job, any workplace, ever again’ user 'Star Hollywood' said he’d gone ‘all the way’ with his gift.

“I put Christmas lights on the bag, Santa paper, I put bells on the gift bag – the lady that I got I went over and beyond,” he said.

And when he showed up to work and placed his bag with the others, he was ‘excited’.

“Secret Santa sometimes, a person may just get that one gift [for Christmas] so I make sure I always go above and beyond.”

He reckons the person used the budget on the box.

But when everyone began exchanging their gifts, the man was told the person who had him hadn’t shown up to work and to come back on Monday to get his gift.

“Alright, cool, no big deal. I get to work today, I get my gift y’all. She hands me my gift, I open it up and this is what I have.” he said.

And when Monday rolled around, he received his gift.

The TikToker then opens up the little green box to reveal a pile of mini Reese’s, Hershey’s and other American branded chocolates.

“Mind you, the limit was $25 (£19.80),” he points out.

Recognising the brands can be ‘expensive’, he reckons the gifter must have spent some money just on the 'fancy' box.

He was not impressed.

“But y’all, I get a box of candy.”

Well, it seems it wasn’t sweet enough for him as getting a load of tiny chocolates has put him off Secret Santa forever.

Other TikTok users shared their own similar nightmares as one revealed they now provide a ‘wish list’ when the names are handed out.

While another reckons the gifter was using up old ‘Halloween candy’.

And one put: “I would leave it in a public spot in the office with a note that says “FREE SNACKS.”

But there are others out there who claim to like ‘giving gifts more than receiving gifts’.

Well, each to their own and all.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Star_Hollywood

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