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When Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan opened the wardrobe into Narnia, they went from the country house to a white winter wonderland.

Many of us will have always dreamed of living that reality - going from one world to another through a single door.

But it’s an everyday experience for people all the way down in Antarctica, where the freezing outside contrasts with the warm interior.

A guy documenting his time living at Scott Base in Antarctica has seemingly ‘unlocked people’s biggest fear’ in a now-viral video.

Matty Jordan is based at the New Zealand research station and is often regarded as Antarctica’s ‘biggest internet influencer’.

The Aussie racked up over 1.6million views on a TikTok showing ‘what Antarctica looks like outside today’.

He captioned the video: “Antarctica is not looking her finest today, but she’s still beautiful.”

It does look kind of surreal.
TikTok / @mattykjordan

Jordan takes the camera through a big, heavy-looking door to reveal the white-coated outside.

He explained that the sun rose three days ago and showed how bright it was at lunchtime.

And it doesn’t look particularly ‘bright’.

The sky is almost white too, as the ground is covered in ‘squeaky snow’.

Jordan added: “It’s pretty overcast so it’s unlikely that we’ll see the sun today.”

A lot of users wrote that it’s simply ‘not for me’ as another said their ‘biggest fear would be locking myself out’.

Others even put: “Please don’t take me there.”

Many even compared it to the final episode of season two of The Bear, with Carmen getting locked into the kitchen’s fridge.

I mean, it really does look cold. Like painfully cold.

Jordan followed up on the ‘biggest fear’ comment, saying he never thought he’d ‘make a video about door handles’.

Some users called it their 'biggest fear'.
TikTok / @mattykjordan

He then showed how the door works, closing it behind him as he entered the snowy scene.

Jordan went about showing the intricacies of the door handle and catch, which isn’t exactly revolutionary.

But it does show that it doesn’t ‘lock’ behind him, simply closes firmly and can be reopened on either side.

People even compared it to a ‘walk-in freezer door’, which isn’t too far from the truth.

Many users pointed out there’s ‘no point’ in the door having a lock, especially as there isn’t any polar bears down in the South Pole.

Other videos from Jordan show incredible landscapes, as he often opens a range of doors at the base to reveal the snowy outside.

But despite the fact that the thought of getting stuck outside terrifies some TikTok users, others ‘would love to live there’ going by some of the comments.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @mattykjordan

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