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Doctor finally answers question of whether it is better to shower in the morning or at night

Doctor finally answers question of whether it is better to shower in the morning or at night

It's even more of a debate than 'pineapple on pizza', according to the doctor

There’s those group chat or office debates that we all insist our answer must be the right answer for.

From the way we face in the shower to whether chip shops are better in the north or the south, there’s not necessarily a definite answer – but they are better up north, obviously.

And another thing they we all have tend to have our own opinion on is whether it’s best to shower in the morning or the evening.

Perhaps you like to start your day with a nice fresh shower to wake you up, or maybe you like a nice relaxing wash before you go to bed.

A nice morning shower may wake you up for the day.
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Well, a doctor has now finally answered the question of whether it really is better to have one in the morning or night.

Dr Jason Singh took to TikTok to give his take on the debate, explaining the pros to both sides of the argument.

Why should you shower in the morning?

The American doc explains that overnight, ‘your body can accumulate germs such as bacteria and fungus’.

Singh says this happens through ‘processes like sweating and shedding skin cells’. “The by-product of these creates an odour and so morning showers cleanses the bacteria and skin secretions that have built up.”

Therefore, if you shower in the morning, you’re starting the day with a ‘more hygienic baseline’.

Why should you shower in the night?

But the doctor also says having a shower in the night time has ‘three things going for it’.

Firstly, he says warm shows triggers ‘the release of melatonin’, a sleep-inducing hormone. And then, when you’re drying off and cool down, your body is set up for a better sleep.

Another benefit is that it washes away ‘the entire day’s grime’. And thirdly, showering at night is a ‘better way to help hydrate your skin’ if your prone to being drier or more sensitive.

When do you shower?
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So, when really is best?

Well, it basically depends on which of those benefits is more attractive to you.

The doctor points out: “Overall night-time showers has more benefits to it but morning showers has really one benefit and that’s better hygiene.”

He adds that it’s ‘more debatable than pineapple on pizza’ as users offered up their opinions in comments.

One said: “You will never convince me to go to bed dirty.”

Whereas another put: “Morning showers wake me up!”

But others seem to be care-free with how much water they’re using as they put: “Both. Let’s not get into a clean bed all dirty, and let’s freshen up in the morning.”

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