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Marine Raider miraculously survived headshot and had out of body experience

Marine Raider miraculously survived headshot and had out of body experience

"I thought it was dead"

A former Marine Raider and Scout Sniper has shared the miraculous story of how he survived a headshot and had out of body experience. Take a look here:

Cody Alford retired from the military after 15 years, having worked as a special operations leader, and is now in the business of personal growth.

And one of the ways he's helped others is by sharing his experiences of being on the frontline during the Battle of Fallujah, which he went into in depth on an episode of the Shawn Ryan Show podcast.

As a young Marine, Alford faced many battles, including nearly losing his life from a gunshot to the head.

In a clip shared on the podcast's TikTok page, he described the life-altering incident which unfolded as he went to reload his firearm in the middle of combat.

"As soon as I pop out to shoot it all goes black, and I remember this profound exhale that came out of me," he said.

"I ended up on the ground and that's when I had this out of body experience. At the time I had no idea what happened, I thought it was dead.

"I could see... if you ever play a game or if you've ever seen a game where there's like a glitch where you kind of see a top down view. I saw this top down view of what was going on.

"I can see the the fighters across the street. I can see my body. I can see my point men still shooting. I can see my other teammates on the ground. Like what the f**k is going on?"

At this point, Ryan - who is a former US Navy Seal himself - said that he'd 'never heard' of someone having an out of body experience while in the middle of fighting.

Alford went on to say that he thought he was dead, only to then just get 'sucked back into this life'.

While laying there in the foetal position, the soldier realised he was moving but he didn't know whether he was convulsing or it was his friend kicking him.

Although they thought he was dead, they realised there was no blood, and he later found out that the bullet had actually hit his helmet.

His comrades told him to grab the radio that was near him and call for support, but it took a while for Alford to realise what was happening.

Cody Alford was praised for sharing his story.

"I pick up this f**king handset and I give the worst radio transmissions ever," he said.

"Every other word was break. We're hammer break. This is break. Grim Reaper break. We need break. I'm f**king out of it."

Eventually he was able to muster up the strength to explain what was going on and his location, so he could get the support he needed.

Thankfully, he lived to tell the tale and has been praised by the listeners for sharing his incredible story.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TheCodyAlford

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