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People hit out at ‘horrible system’ after man insists $1,200 dinner bill is split

People hit out at ‘horrible system’ after man insists $1,200 dinner bill is split

The guy ended up splitting the bill for a large group between just him and one other person on another occasion

You’ve just enjoyed some banging scran with your pals, maybe you’ve even splashed out and treated yourself to something sweet at the end.

But then along comes the bill, and often, an extra side of beef.

How to split the bill can cause a heated debate as the faff begins on whether it's going to split equally or based on who ordered what.

And users on Reddit have hit out at a ‘horrible system’ after a man insisted on splitting a whopping $1,200 (£987) dinner bill.

Posting to the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum, the man explained that after big events, his kid’s sports team will go to celebrate at a restaurant.

He says that ‘normally the parents will split the bill evenly and cover the cost of the two or three coaches’.

However, more recently, ‘kids without parents, former coaches, assistant coaches (who are not part of the coaching team that day), and random adult team members’ have been joining the dinners with the same expectation of splitting the bill upheld.

No one likes the bill debates.
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He says at one dinner there was only one other parent with him and they had to split $700 (£576) between them.

At this dinner, it was the ‘largest group’ yet, with five adult team members and kids without their parents – who are dropped off without ‘any funds’.

The man added: “The adult and coaching group also ordered alcoholic drinks the entire night.”

Then things got sticky: “I voiced to the other parents that we should ask all the adults (everyone except the coaches who coached yesterday) to pay their share of the bill and we can split what is leftover. This is where I think I became an a**hole. The parents were uncomfortable asking the adult members to pay.

“The parents said since I only have one kid, to just pay his cost and they will take care of the rest. I told them that I want to pay for my share and help with the cost of the coaches that helped for the event to show my appreciation for them. I reiterated that I think it’s unfair for us to have to cover the bill for the other adults, especially when they were drinking and expecting us to pay.”

This Reddit user definitely didn't think he was the a**hole.

But he was shut down and the bill was paid with some of the adults sending over their share to him. He says he feels like he ‘forced my indignation on the parent group’.

But fellow Reddit users have said the situation is ‘ridiculous’ and even suggests he ‘quit going’ to the dinners himself.

With others echoing: “Take a back seat. Don’t show up for a while.”

And one put: “This is not normal. These people are using you and the other parents since nobody is willing to stand up and say it’s bulls**t.”

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