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Explosive row erupts as man appears to refuse splitting £3500 dinner bill with friend on her birthday

Explosive row erupts as man appears to refuse splitting £3500 dinner bill with friend on her birthday

A row seemingly broke out when an expensive bill came after a birthday meal

Whilst most people would own up to enjoying a nice meal out, very few would be quite as enthusiastic about the inevitable end of said meal.

I am, of course, talking about paying the bill. It's never enjoyable and often seems to be the part of the meal that can cause the most tension.

But add in the dilemma over how the bill should be split and you're bound to have a few awkward moments.

One TikToker shared a viral clip of a party appearing to fall into chaos as diners argued amongst themselves about who should pay what.

It would appear that the crux of the issue was that one woman - for who the meal was her birthday celebration - was refusing to pay a penny.

The clip, shared by Viccgotti, showed the group seemingly arguing between themselves, when a £3,500 bill landed on their table.

As the men in the group were quick to point out what their female companions had ordered, their arguments were shot down.

One woman yelled: "We come together to split the bill, period!"

The group seemingly argue about who should have to cover the bill.

The birthday girl said: "Like it's my f**king birthday, why the f**k should I have to pay for something on my birthday?"

Eloquently put.

Other attendees weren't convinced by this argument, however, with one bloke yelling: "Y'all doing way too much.

"We didn't order all that. I'm not paying for this baby girl."

In response, another man challenged him: "What's the point in getting food if you can't pay for it?!"

Regardless, this exchange sparked a debate in the comments about that age old question - how should you pay the bill at a restaurant?

Should it be split evenly or should every pay for what they ordered? Does anybody get to opt out of paying their fair share?

The row appeared to be over a bill at an expensive restaurant.

One wrote: "People who believe in “split the bill” be the broke ones. How Tf you order filet mignon and rib eye steak with $4."

Another commented: "The arguing is so unnecessary I would just ask for the bill for what I ate , and then I would walk out anything else none of my business."

Yes, but then where would viral TikTok content come from?

Another fellow viewer said: "Y'all should have straightened that out beforehand."

And one commenter said: "You messed up getting a $4,600 bill. Almost 5k for food? Be so f**king dumbass."

However, some questioned the validity of the situation, with one person writing: "This is fake as hell."

Another said: "This is bad acting," while someone else commented: "THE SCRIPT IS HORRIBLE."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@viccgotti

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