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Spotter Heroically ‘Saves Man’s Life’ At The Gym

Spotter Heroically ‘Saves Man’s Life’ At The Gym

The gym-goer came to the rescue when the weights became too much

A good samaritan came to the rescue at a gym in California when the weights became a little too much for one gym-goer. Take a look at the heroic moment below:

Entrepreneur Rob Lewy is definitely no stranger to the gym, as made clear through multiple social media posts which show him lifting, squatting and pressing his way to bigger muscles.

The TikTok user offers training programs through his business Overload Alpha, but he during one session a couple of months ago, he showed that even experienced weight-lifters can sometimes bite off a bit more than they can chew.

The incident took place while Lewy was on the bench press, taking on an unspecified but undoubtedly very heavy amount of weight.

After lowering the bar to his chest, Lewy faltered and wasn't able to push it back up to rest on the rack. The weight ended up resting on his chest as he failed a second time to secure it but thankfully, a helpful stranger came to the rescue to help carry the load.

Lewy struggled to get the bar back on the rack.

The kind gym-goer quickly grabbed the weight and helped get it off Lewy's chest, though it was no easy task. The good samaritan could be seen gritting his teeth with effort as he helped lift the bar, but together they managed to rest it safely back on the rack.

Sharing footage of the incident on Instagram, Lewy wrote: "Why does this always happen to me. usually im able to recover after hitting pin, not this time."

On TikTok, the entrepreneur said the spotter had 'saved [his] life', adding: "That was close".

The clip has been viewed more than three million times since Lewy posted it in February, with one commenter joking the spotter had 'sacrificed his low[er] back to save' Lewy.

The anonymous spotter came to Lewy's rescue.

On Instagram, another joked the spotter was 'shook when he realized how heavy that bar was', while a third wrote: "Shoutout to the spotter, even though he was nervous af."

Though the incident definitely appeared scary, Lewy appeared to quickly get back on his feet and has since posted a number of videos of himself working out - though notably the next post showing a bench press appeared to use fewer plates.

With three weights on each side instead of four, Lewy said his more recent bench press saw him take on a 315lbs challenge. This time he lifted the bar numerous times before giving up and successfully getting the bar back on the bench, with no danger to his life.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@roblewy

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